D&D Dungeon Master’s Guide (2024)

D&D D&D Dungeon Master’s Guide (2024)

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Revised 2024 Dungeon Master's Guide.
November 12th
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  • It's never been easier to become the Dungeon Master than with the revised 2024 Dungeon Master's Guide. Learn the craft from the experts in a cleverly crafted and accessible approach to running your own game. With more tools than ever before, becoming the master of your own multiverse will be a snap.
  • Release Date: November 12, 2024
Links and information
  • WotC reveals the confirmed release dates of 2024's D&D slate.
  • WotC's Chris Perkins breaks the book down by chapter:
    • Chapter 1 -- Basic concepts
    • Chapter 2 -- Advice, common issues
    • Chapter 3 -- Rules cyclopedia
    • Chapter 4 -- Adventure building: including a template on how to build a single Adventure with at least one example
    • Chapter 5 -- Campaign building: including a template on how to build a Campaign from a string of Adventures, and a sample Campaign
    • Chapter 6 -- Cosmology
    • Chapter 7 -- Magic items
    • Chapter 8 -- 'A surprise': we have subsequently learned that the DMG has a full usable Setting, probably located here
    • Appendices -- maps, lore glossary, including a fold-out poster map
  • Deborah Ann Woll and Matt Mercer consulted on the 2024 DMG.
    • Apparently another (unnamed) consultant provided advice on running game for kids.

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D&D Dungeon Master’s Guide (2024)
November 12 2024
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