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D&D Monster Manual (2025)

D&D D&D Monster Manual (2025)

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Revised 2025 Monster Manual.
February 18th
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  • The revised 2025 Monster Manual brings you the greatest selection of foes to face off with your player's characters than ever assembled in the history of the game. More options at all levels of play means more ways to provide the challenges that will keep them coming back to the table again and again.
  • Release Date: February 18, 2025
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  • 75 new monsters in the Monster Manual; over 500 in total.
  • Challenge rating remains the same.
  • There are some new lower challenge vampires, and a higher challenge one called the Nightbringer.
  • Blob of Annihilation is a gelatinous cube that can eat towns.
  • Elemental Juggernaut, Arching.

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D&D Monster Manual (2025)
February 18 2025
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