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Sean Hillman

Sean Hillman

Journeying to Hell & Back Again: A Review
There are many avenues to get oneself into role-playing games, but one such avenue that is...
Dare You Face the Demonplague? A Review
Have you been missing a level 1-20 epic adventure in your 5E gaming? Well James Introcaso and...
DMs Guild Roundup: Encounters in Avernus and More
Welcome back to our DMs Guild Roundup! It is almost the holiday season and that means content...
Con Report: JordanCon from an Insider
Every April I shed my freelancer disguise for the clothes of a Track Director at what is one of...
Explore Magic and Socio-Political Tension in the Entromancy RPG
The Entromancy RPG is a Cyberpunk-Fantasy hybrid from designer M.S. Farzan. It is built on a 5E...

Ashley Warren, Uncaged: An Interview

Uncaged Volume I sprang onto the scene in early March of 2019 and quickly became one of the best selling products on the DMs Guild. We caught up with Ashley Warren, who sparked a small fire that turned into a conflagration of creativity, and asked her a few questions about Uncaged and how it has grown.
Ivan Van Norman Discusses the Future of Altered Carbon
Altered Carbon is both an award winning novel and a popular Netflix original series. With several notable IPs being grabbed up by RPG designers, it was only a matter of time before someone took the step to snag the rights to Altered Carbon. Ivan Van Norman of Hunters Entertainment took some time to chat with EN World about some details of the Altered Carbon RPG.

DMs Guild Roundup: Dragon Heists & Planeswalkers

February and March have brought us some great new titles to explore! This includes a new Guild Adept title and a couple of small press Guild products to enhance your campaigns.

The Zine Quest Work Has Just Begun

If you have been following along, then you will be glad to know that we have been busy covering Zine Quest. In this article, we talk to some of the creators who are launching zines through Kickstarter’s Zine Quest initiative. Let’s talk to these creative people to discover what prompted them to create their zine.

Winter is Here! How Are You Going to Play It?

Waiting for Winds of Winter to come out? Does the winter weather give you more inspiration to run your games? Eagerly anticipating the last season of Game of Thrones? Sounds like the perfect time to start an A Song of Ice & Fire (ASOIAF) or Game of Thrones campaign! However, with the license expired in 2017 for Green Ronin’s A Song of Ice & Fire, what system options are available for players?

Bad Guys Have Adventures Too

Playing the bad guy can be fun and having the whole party join in can be a great time. But how can this be applied to adventure design? With a bit of forethought and focus, an enjoyable adventure sending scoundrels on an errand for a dark lord can be woven from the threads of heroic adventure.
DMs Guild January: New Beginnings
A new year and it is time for new campaigns and challenges for your players. The DM Guild is full of new ideas, creators, as well as creations, and shows no sign of slowing down. We are also changing up the format a bit for 2019 to improve the coverage of the DM Guild for players, game masters, and content creators.

Kickstarter, RPG Zine Quest, and Luke "Burning Wheel" Crane

Kickstarter’s February initiative, Zine Quest, promises to feature a variety of RPG zines to crowdfund. Since its announcement, we’ve been gathering requirements, talking to publishers about the projects they’ve planned for February, and written the first in a series of articles to raise awareness. To that end, we spoke with the project’s originator, Luke Crane, Head of Games @Kickstarter and owner of the Burning Wheel, a tabletop gaming publisher responsible for the Mouse Guard RPG, Dungeon World, and, of course, Burning Wheel. We asked Luke a variety of questions about the initiative and what he hopes to accomplish with the project.

Training for the End Times: An Outbreak Undead 2nd Edition Review

Sure you may have seen all the films and watched the shows and maybe even played the games, but has any of that prepared you for the time when the undead come for your brains? No worry friend, Renegade Game Studio and Hunters Entertainment have you covered.

New Beginnings: Red Sky at Night

In 1992 I sat down at a table with my green and yellow d10s to play Runequest. That moment began my second age of role playing and my love has continued to this day. With the release of Runequest: Glorantha I am ready to run my first RQ game in many years and I plan on running the game from the Empire’s point of view. You see, 27 years ago my first RQ character was a Lunar soldier and that has defined my view of Glorantha ever since.

Get Some Cards for Your Spokes: A Kids on Bikes Review

On first instinct I was going to make a Stranger Things reference and link game and show in a rather obvious way. Then I got to reading in depth Kids On Bikes from Renegade Game Studios and I knew that would be too simplistic. So grab your BMX and let’s take a little ride down to the spooky side of town.

Breaking Down the Prism of Overlight: A Review

Tired of all the fantasy role-playing games with a grim and dark palette? Well, Renegade Studios delivers a rules light system with a many-layered setting for players seeking out something brighter. Join the ranks of the Skyborn, with Overlight.
A DM's Guild Gift Guide
Do you need some last minute ideas for the DM in your life? Looking for some inspiration for your Ravnica campaign? Want some solo adventures for when you are snowed in with no Internet? Well, come along then and let’s see what’s in the Bag o’Holding of Red Claws, our gift giving DM Guild Dragon!

Plunging the Depths of Degenesis' Black Atlantic

Black Atlantic is an adventure. Black Atlantic is a regional sourcebook. Black Atlantic is the third adventure in a trilogy, ending a long connected story arc in a glossy, full-color pursuit of a powerful weapon. It is not necessary to have played the previous two hardcover adventures. In Thy Blood or The Killing Game. However, Black Atlantic will spoil the overall story if you have not the played them.

Esper Genesis: Sci-Fantasy for 5E

Are you in the market for a science fantasy role playing game that runs on the 5E engine (SRD)? Well Esper Genesis might be the easy port over from D&D that you and your group are looking for.

Reaching KatharSys - A Degenesis Rebirth Review

Degenesis: Rebirth is the latest edition of a game whose lineage goes back to the early 2000s. Christian Günther and Marko Djurdjevic put together their primal punk universe of a post-apocalyptic Earth and with Sixmorevodka have put out this slick new edition. KatharSys is Book II of the Degenesis: Rebirth edition and holds all the mechanical information needed to be a protagonist (player) or game master in the universe of Degenesis.

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