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Michael Tresca

Michael Tresca

D&D Tactics: Hikes
  • 187
I go on a lot of Boy Scout hikes. If I were in an adventuring party in a fantasy world, I'd never make it.
D&D Tactics: Camping
  • 16
As we try to makeup for lost time, we've been camping more than ever before. And that got me thinking about what happens when D&D characters camp.
D&D Tactics: Fortnite
  • 7
When my family is not playing escape rooms, we're often getting together playing Fortnite. It's something that started with my son, but our three-person team now includes my daughter too. And...
D&D Tactics: Escape Rooms
  • 2
My family does a lot of escape rooms, and we've finally gotten good enough to finish one in record time. Those same tactics can help parties in tabletop games at conventions.
True Tales from Stranger Things: The Breakup
  • 9
Stranger Things depicts what it was like to play Dungeons & Dragons in the eighties ... right down to the end of a campaign and in some cases, friendships.
True Tales from Stranger Things: The Satanic Panic Comes to School
  • 113
Stranger Things' latest season incorporates the Satanic Panic into its storyline, but in my experience it wasn't the jocks who became the biggest threat. It was a teacher.
True Tales from Stranger Things: My Hellfire Club
  • 10
Stranger Things helped thrust Dungeons & Dragons into the mainstream, but it also touched on a lot of gamer archetypes that I found in my high school group.
True Tales from Stranger Things: Satanism, Strategy & Clubs
  • 50
The hit Netflix series about the 80s-themed tale of extradimensional entities and the kids who battle them features Dungeons & Dragons prominently. And a lot of it is inspired by what actually...
True Tales from Stranger Things: Kids on Bikes
  • 100
Stranger Things tells a tale of inter-dimensional entities battling kids in the 80s. To get around, the kids use their bikes, a genre that launched its own RPG. And yes, kids really did have that...
How to Profit from Writing Reviews
  • 9
There's a simple way to earn money or credit for your reviews even if you're not paid to do it: affiliate marketing.
Solving the Gnome Problem
  • 74
I mentioned previously how I’ve never quite solved adding a halfling culture to my campaign. But I’ve got gnomes all figured out, and it starts with the Guilds of Florence.
The Trouble with Halflings
  • 2,252
Over the decades I've developed my campaign world to match the archetypes my players wanted to play. In all those years, nobody's ever played a halfling.
Publisher vs. Algorithm
  • 6
Publishing in the digital age isn't just about finding customers, it's about navigating the labyrinthine algorithms that determine when and where to show your product.
Marshgate Castle Dragon Light Review
  • 4
Need a light or a mounted dragon head for your game room? Why not both?
How Not to Fan
  • 12
Know how to support your favorite game creator? Great! But be careful not to overdo it.
How to Fan
  • 5
Buying your favorite game designer's products is a good start, but there's other ways you can help.
Reaching Your Audience
  • 4
Want to sell a product to gamers? You have to find them first.
So You Got a Bad Review
  • 15
Don't panic! You can turn this around.
Asking for Reviews
  • 11
Congratulations on publishing your new gaming product! Your next challenge is to find someone who cares enough to share their opinion about it.
Who Are You Reviewing For?
  • 16
When writing a review, it's worth taking a moment to consider who your intended audience is.

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