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    Quote Originally Posted by Lanefan View Post
    This guy's a War Cleric, then?
    The character is from several editions back.

    And yeah, I'll argue. Shame to lose his Cleric side, but replacement Fighters are dime-a-dozen in any town...
    Wow. Your clerics must not use their Wisdom much. When you cheese off the party tank and cleric, they don't need to fight you. They need to just stand aside at the right time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lowkey13 View Post
    For some reason, I read that wrong the first time, and I thought you were saying that you were using a hand puppet for the Hand of Vecna.

    I don't know if I am relieved, or intrigued.
    Hah. That would have been brilliant. No, this was Vecna telepathically contacting a PC who was carrying the Hand in her backpack but hadn't yet realized its true nature.

    I kind of was channeling my inner Dave Arneson at least I've heard stories he'd DM behind a full-body DM screen. My intention was to model a disembodied voice which the player couldn't attempt to "discern if it's telling the truth or not" (i.e. no Insight check was possible). The player caught on right away, so I guess it worked!

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