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  1. Cat in the Hat

    WOIN Shields and size

    Is there any restriction on the size of shield a character can wield? Can a medium sized character use a large shield or a small sized character for that matter?
  2. Cat in the Hat

    WOIN probabilities of success

    I calculated it by treating the chance of a normal success and the chance of three sixes as independent events. Which they’re not. Which is why it’s only accurate to +/- 1%
  3. Cat in the Hat

    WOIN probabilities of success

    Yeah I should have mentioned that it it only accurate to +/- 1%. But rolling 22 on 10d6 is closer to 100% than 99% once you take into account an auto success from three sixes
  4. Cat in the Hat

    WOIN probabilities of success

    For my own game I have created a handy chart which lists the probabilities of success for the various number of dice and difficulties (inclusive of the chance of rolling triple sixes). Would other people find this useful? and if so, where can I upload it?
  5. Cat in the Hat

    WOIN Career prerequisite questions

    I thought that was odd too
  6. Cat in the Hat

    WOIN OLD - Focus exploit with casting time longer than 1 action

    I'm wondering if you can use the Focus Exploit with spells that have a casting time of longer than 1 action. I can see arguments either way. what do people think? (and does Morrus have an official call?)
  7. Cat in the Hat

    WOIN Trade dice for damage - area of effect

    When trading dice pool dice for extra damage and using an area attack such as the battle mage’s artillery exploit, does the extra damage dice apply to all targets?
  8. Cat in the Hat

    WOIN when collaborating on a task, does the dice pool cap apply?

    Imagine that three strong character (STR 10) of grade 5 are trying to move a boulder. If one of them pushes it they would roll 4d. If two of them try they have an effective STR of 20 so will roll 5d. My question is what happens when three of them work together to push the boulder. they would...