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WOIN Infuse and damage types

Cat in the Hat

Hello WOIN brains trust. I have a question about the elemental touch enhancement of the infuse magical skill.
if I infuse a sword with fire, does it now do just fire damage or does it now do slashing/fire damage?

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Just a tourist passing your way...
Hi cat,

I remember that question from here; so far there hasn't been an official answer.

I use infuse/elemental touch to replace the original damage type only, but that's my own rule.


Judging by the rules for resistance and vulnerability on p78, I would assume that the elemental infusion effectively "coats" the blade in fire, it should do both. You would need to be resistant to both fire and slashing damage to soak that attack. An elemental transformation spell would replace the blade (and damage type) with fire.

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