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    Thirteen Years

    April 1st, 1995, was the day my wife and I stood before our friends and family and declared ourselves crazy. :D We have been married for 13 years now, seems insane... so much as happened, and it only seems like a couple years. :) Not sure why I wanted to say this other then I wanted to...
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    Wishing of Good Health and Love

    A close friend of mine (Nathan) has come down with a Pituitary Tumor. It appears as though its curable with drugs, good eating and such, but I (and he) believes in the energys that surround us and getting what we want through manipulation of those energys with good and positive (or negative)...
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    [rant] Anyone else getting this?

    As of late I have been getting calls that are recorded Spanish speaking solicitors on my cell phone. The recording ends and once in a while a person picks up, and is obviously trying to make a sale, but neither of us speak the same language, I have attempted to get them to remove me from their...
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    Cause he's right

    Saw an ad the other day for a show I normally do not watch. The content was Bill Cosby pimping his new book. Cosby is funny, I have always liked his stuff, but recently I have found his social comments and commentary much more interesting. Not sure who cares, but I wanted to share, because...
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    Happy Birthday to Coyote6

    Back in 1989 I met DarthJaye and Coyote6 because we were looking for new blood in our gaming group. Eighteen years later find myself friends with a guy that is three times smarter then I am, wiser, and kinder then I can express. He's a great friend, you would all do well to know someone half...
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    D&D 4E Things to do while waiting for 4e hype to fade

    36 - Wonder how it is that so many can have so many different thoughts on something they haven't seen yet. 37 - Watch a baby grow waiting for 4e to come out. 38 - Start playing Diablo2 again 39 - Get a hair cut 40 - Take at least one show. 41 - Move out of your parents basement, then back...
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    D&D 3E/3.5 3.5 buying with 4E on the horizon

    I have no intentions of buying 4e, and have no money to buy 3xe right now, so hasn't changed much.
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    OD&D 4E and its effect on 1E/OD&D

    With the coming of 4e I would say that there is a better chance of me switching to 4e then there is of me going backwards to 1e, but only slightly. I see no reason (other then playing in a game with the original designer of the game) to head in what I would think of as a negative direction...
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    After years away-

    After years after I was injured and had to stop, I am now back into Yoga. I started practicing in the middle of '99 then got hurt and could no longer practice. Everyone once in a while I would try, but my arm just would not let me. Tuesday last I went to the local community college and did...
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    D&D 4E Things to do while waiting for 4e hype to fade

    1 - Count the number of 3e books you bought 2 - List all the House Rules you or your group wrote for 3e. 3 - Count the number of 3.5e books you bought 4 - Compare all the House Rules that you wrote that are in 3.5e 5 - Convert your characters to 3.5e 6 - Start calling your House Rules, 3.5e...
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    Changing lands

    When I was about six or so I spent part of a summer with my grandparents. They were living on fifty or so acres owned by my Grandpa’s brother. I remember the land pretty well, fairly flat, dominated by corn, and cows a little ways a way. Just a couple years back my Grandma died and… oh, two...
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    Computers at the gaming table

    Some time ago there was a thread questioning computers at the gaming table, and I stated something about how much a help they were to me as a GM and a Player. I might have been wrong. Its an aid that has turned into a problem. Today during the game I watched as Player and GM sat staring at a...
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    Comic sales - Need advice and help

    After years of dust gathering on the tops of my comic book boxes I have decided that I need to sell the lot of them. A collection that ranges from the mid '80s to the beginning of 2000. Roughly 25 short boxes full. eBay is the choice place to get rid of them, but I am unfamiliar with using...
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    Passing the.....

    Every GM I know has this one moment that the Players aren’t doing what they need to do while they are working their way through the campaign (I am not talking about rail roading), whether it be pass on information to other PCs or just talk to the NPCs about what they might know. An example-...
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    Amazon - must buy

    Cruising Amazon and found http://www.amazon.com/PSMITH-Dungeons-Dragons-Original-Computer/dp/B000O1WF1W/ref=sr_1_3/002-9609548-1309617?ie=UTF8&s=miscellaneous&qid=1180798885&sr=8-3 . Seems like a collectors thing.