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    4E The EN World "Build A Ridiculously Complicated Character for D&D 4e" thread.

    If level of complexity is measured by how many figures you can have on the board at one time, I would go with a hybrid ranger|artificer multiclassing into shaman and taking the Familiar Bloodsmith paragon path. You get a beast companion when you take the Hybrid Talent feat, a familiar when you...
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    4E Holy Water in 4e?

    Divine Power has a first level ritual (Religion based) for creating holy water. If you don't have that book, you can find holy water and the ritual for creating it in the Compendium.
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    4E Is 22 points the best point buy for 4e?

    One thing I noticed with the sample Dark Sun PCs is that they did not, as I thought they might do, use a larger point buy value for them. Combine that with the reduced variation in racial mods (bonuses only, no penalties), the elimination of class based attack bonuses, and the lack of support...
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    4E Advancing 4E Monsters

    Another possibility -- note that the Monster Manual gives orc and hobgoblin racial traits. You can create classed NPCs of those races at any level from 1-30, and add templates if you want to make them elites or solo monsters.