Level Up (A5E) 1 level fighter dip too easy?

At the end of this, we lose the 1 exertion we had, but that’s no matter. We also gain a level of fatigue, but we can ignore that if we’re a human marathon runner, and it’s just ability checks anyway, so it might be worth it for now.
2 things:
1. in a5e the first level of fatigue is unable to sprint, not disadvantage on ability checks
2. also in a5e, if you gain fatigue in combat, you don't actually suffer its effects until the combat ends
so...yeah, definitely worth it

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...you know the temporary pool lasts until the start of your next long rest, right? unless your campaign is the one-battle-per-long-rest type (which i've played in) then it's not going to be just one battle.

i'm going to assume that by "smites" you mean empowered smites and just mention that, again, you can turn spell slots into exertion at the start of your turn, so you can decide when your turn comes around if you need the exertion or if you want to save the slot for a spell or empowered smite. there isn't really any good reason to dump all your spell slots at the start of combat for exertion, i was just using that as an example - but what you CAN do with it is expend spell slots so you have as close to exactly enough exertion as you'll need to do what you want that turn, even with only being able to convert one spell slot per turn (which is, again, why perfect assault is insane on a herald - and your house rule wouldn't help all that much, since you could still easily get all 6 perfect assaults off, it'd just be tacking on more maneuvers that'd be a pain).

given all that, the extra exertion from a fighter dip is really just icing on the cake in my opinion.
So actually the "problem" is with the Herald, not the multiclass, then.


Well, I still think there is a "problem" with multiclassing fighter. 3 maneuvers, 2 traditions and a fighting style for only one level and not losing (and potentially getting a better) maneuver progression is a no brainer for every fool that can hold a weapon in my opinion.

But it looks like we found out another "problem" with the herald too.


yeah, but getting access to 5th degree maneuvers exacerbates it.
But again, you have to be 16th level to gain access to those maneuvers. That's already pretty rare, and playing at that level while specifically playing a fighter/herald just for that type of cheese is even rarer.


I agree with Faolyn on the point about edge cases and high level play, but I think the real trouble is the exertion pool that just keeps expanding with one level of investment. It’s the new Eldritch Blast cantrip.

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