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[13th Age] Playtesters wanted for six new classes: Abomination, Fateweaver, Psion, Savage, Swordmage, Warlock


I am currently writing an expansion book for 13th Age, with six new classes. The writeups are fairly close to final, but I am looking for more playtesters to make sure they are perfect.

Here is the playtest file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9xhar0th9kxrx4b/dark_pacts_ancient_secrets_playtest_v05.pdf?dl=0

And here are a bunch of pregens to make test games easier: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0jan39ia4...ecrets_playtest_05_sample_characters.zip?dl=0

The classes are:

Abomination: Some heroes hide in the dark. Disfigured, feared, shunned by society. Your are no longer like the others of your kin. Perhaps you are a failed experiment of the Archmage, the thing that crept out of a hellhole, or the chosen of an Old God, shaped in the image of a creature that no longer walks these realms. Your body has been transformed. Your powers are strange, and you don’t fully understand them yourself. Yes, people call you an abomination, and even worse things when they think you are out of earshot. But you can, and you will, make a difference.

Fateweaver: Fateweavers perceive reality as an interwoven fabric, with each living being moving along a thread that twists and turns as it leads from knot to knot. As an apprentice, their magic is subtle, twisting a thread here, loosening a knot there. By influencing small events here and there, they push fate in a certain direction through fine manipulation. As they grow stronger, they become a force to be reckoned, with the power to rip reality apart at its seams. ey move back and forth along the fabric, even reaching into the past to change the present.

Psion: Psions wield supernatural powers that bend and shape reality, entirely with the power of their own mind. These powers are separated into six disciplines: Clairsentience is the ability to perceive things, transcending both space and time. Metacreativity is the power to create physical object out of ectoplasm. Psychokinesis allows you to create and control forces, energies and elements. With the psychometabolism discipline, you can change your own body. Psychoportation is the ability to move things. Telepathy is control over the weaker minds around you.

Savage: At its height, the Dragon Empire was able to drive back the nomads and savage tribes at its borders, but its defenses have weakened. The Orc Lord raids the northern reaches every summer, the High Druid keeps attacking settlements near his forests, and the Three have established a permanent stronghold of the savage races in Drakkenhall. These tribes are your people. You were born with them, you fight with them, and one day they will scatter your ashes in the wind. Your people are free. The city dwellers are nothing but caged animals, toothless and weak. Your blood still boils. When the swords start clashing, feel the rush of battle in your veins. With every strike you sink into the heart of your enemy, you grow stronger, more ferocious, more deadly.

Swordmage: Swordmages combine arcane magic and swordplay to make their presence felt on the battlefield. Although they are not as physically strong as other melee combatants, they make up for it with powerful spells that protect themselves and their allies and rain fiery retribution on their enemies. Their combat role is defender. With their Sigil power, they can lock down a powerful enemy on the battlefield and give them a strategic choice. Either target the well-protected swordmage, or face the consequences for attacking his allies. At the same time, swordmages are mobile and zip back and forth across the battlefield to be where they are needed.

Warlock: Powerful ancient beings exist in the fringes of the Dragon Empire. Fey nobles live beyond portals to the twilight realms. Demon lords stretch their hands through hell holes. The souls of dark martyrs are still bound in relics in forgotten temples. Power-hungry or desperate souls who seal pacts with these entities to in exchange for arcane power are known as warlocks. Unlike sorcerers, warlocks have only weak innate magic ability, or none at all. They do not have the smarts or the patience to unlock arcane secrets through diligent studies like wizards either. You have sealed a contract with a powerful entity to gain your power. Warlocks choose the shortcut, but it comes at a price.

You can give feedback here, in the address linked in the file.

Good gaming!

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I haven't shown off any of my commissioned artwork yet, so here's a psion:


The doc is making good progress, and I'm now at the stage where I feel like I can forward this to the editor and later the layouter, while keeping the door open for late stage fixes for things that come up in playtest.

The last update was a major overhaul of the psion, streamlining the talents, re-balancing broken powers (_cough_ Null Lance), and adding MOAR powers, for a total of 85.

Links: Playtest document v. 07 AND sample characters

I'm still looking for a layouter, so if anyone has a recommendation, please contact me.

I'm also planning another open playtest session on Roll20. I'm just really booked this month, so please bear with me. Fingers crossed for July.
(I'm still playing a Warlock and my offline campaign now has a Swordmage and a Fateweaver, so some playtesting is happening at least...)

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