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13th Age Prefix


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Very happy that 13th Age has its very own tag, and proud it's been rolled into the Pathinfinder / D&D / OGL section of enworld.

Manabarbs, that is an excllent summary.

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Just wanted to chime in and say I pre-ordered the game and am really liking what I've read in the PDF so far. While I'm not exactly a fan of 4e, I am really liking 13th Age. I feel that with the designer comments it's more transparent and maleable than 4e was for me. I am also enjoying the fact that it has divorced itself from the grid (though you can use one if you want), is upfront about being a more narratively based game (as well as the type of fantasy it is trying to replicate) and has a very low, IMO, entry barrier and learning curve. Not trying to get edition-wary here, but this is the game I feel like many posters on this board are describing when they speak about 4e being a narrative game... not sure why 4e didn't click like this for me but 13th Age definitely does and right now is looking like it may supplant D&D 4e as my pick up game and possibly Pathfinder as my go to game for D&D fantasy, I really do like what I've read so far...that much (of course it is contingent on actually playing the game).

I guess if I had to speak to 13th Age's weaknesess at this point it would be the lack of multi-classing rules (which I understand will be in the first supplement for the game along with the finished Druid and Monk classes) and perhaps it's sparse information and examples on customizing and designing Icons for various settings and in different ways. Hopefully I'll be running a play test with my group in the next couple of weeks and I'll have more to post.


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Great to see 13A get its own tag! (Even though Primeval Thule is designed to confound the whole tagging process—mua ha ha ha!)

And Manabarbs, that summary hits all the high notes.

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