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*Tacked up on the cork board appears to be a page from a book. This page is numbered 126 and reads:*

". . . King Dekoria was the seventh High King of Light. Of all the kings, Dekoria is probably the most well remembered. As the oldest of the kings, he was expected to be the wisest. While he had lived, his money was used for the betterment of his people, the king having payed for schools, training camps, and providing homes for the homeless. Decoria had a fair law system, treating his nobles and commoners with equal respect in law and taxing.
"After eleven years of ruling his kingdom, and having grown popular amoungst his people, Dekoria was slain by his youngest son, whom had taken his fathers throne for himself. As Dekoria fell from his throne that day, he had swore an oath that he would rule higher than the other Nine one day, and rule lands further than even the First had ever seen. . ."

*The bottom half of this page appears to have been charred, save for the page number.*

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