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2019 Pogre's Miniatures and Models - Printable Scenery Winterdale Water Mill


Chimera and three Bullywugs

First up is a Chimera from Reaper:

Next up are 3 Bullywugs a friend 3d printed for me:

Models Completed in 2019: 39

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Those are some great 3D prints. They painted up really nice.

I keep saying I need to get into 3D printing, but I have neither the space nor the money at the moment :(


As always, great work!

So are you in for the new DF kickstarter? Seems a bit expensive compared to the amount of stuff you get, very effects laden though.

Yeah... dangit - cannot resist. Not going overboard, at least compared to the Dungeons of Doom KS - probably just picking up individual pieces.


Those are some great 3D prints. They painted up really nice.

I keep saying I need to get into 3D printing, but I have neither the space nor the money at the moment :(
Just get your friends to 3D print them for you! Lot shorter learning curve :lol:

I have two players in my group with 3D printers. They just print stuff to see how I will paint it up. Plus, they get to see it used in the campaign of course.

The Bullywugs were done on a liquid resin printer.


First up is a Black Tree Design Sorceress on a mount:

Next is a couple of shots of a strange sea creature that is a Reaper Bone. I decided to use this as a test figure for the new Games Workshop contrast paints line. I first spray primed the Bone with Dupli-Color Sandable Primer white auto primer. Then the bottom of the miniature is coated with contrast Leviadon Blue, the upper torso was painted with Ork Flesh, and the fin was painted with Iyanden Yellow.


Finally, I cranked out a bunch of old GW orcs. I used the Ork Flesh Contrast paint for the flesh.


My initial impressions of the new contrast paints are that I like the lighter colors better. The Blue acts much like a conventional ink, the green had some nice effects, but the yellow was really outstanding.

I don't see these new paints as replacing my Vallejo or Scale 75, but they are a great tool for speed painting. The yellow is really outstanding and I could see using it on even miniatures I am conventionally painting. I would rank these paints a step above dipping and would not hesitate to use them on board game figures or other pieces I want to paint quickly.

Models Completed in 2019: 45

Flexor the Mighty!

18/100 Strength!
I have had mixed results with the contrasts paints but some are quite nice and I think the orc flesh one will let me finally knock out those 40+ orcs I have left over from the WFB boxed set I bought back in the 00's. I wonder if I can use only contrasts and bang out that entire lot in one weekend? Pricey though.

I'm going to try to paint some Ultramarines with the ultramarine blue and see how it goes.

Sweet orcs!


3D Printed Barbarian Throne

A friend of mine 3D printed this terrain piece for me. It is a barbarian throne made of bones. This piece is about five and one half inches across.


Models Completed in 2019: 46


Mounted Wizard and Elven Ranger

Finally, the last of the Black Tree Design mounted figures - a wizard on mount:

An Elven Ranger that everything went wrong on. I repainted the base colors and said the heck with it - I'm calling it done.

Models Completed in 2019: 48

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