D&D 3E/3.5 3.0 vs. 3.5 - List of Changes?

Mark Causey

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Where can I find a codified list of changes that occurred from 3.0 to 3.5? I've got plenty of 3.0 modules, and I don't know that I know the differences, other than the deletion of some skills and changes to a few spells. I really just want to make sure that I could run one type or the other, and be able to remind myself how and when differences occur.

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http://opengamingfoundation.org/srd.html 3.0
wizards.com/d20 3.5

The creation of blindsence in 3.5 means that rouges can get sneak attacks on more things

Devil and demons got a lot meaner in 3.5.
Vrocks hold their own in melee now, but lost the Mass Charm :(

Dragons had their CR's bumped across the board. still no built dragons in the MM.

Golem's had their magic immunity severly weakened.

Improved grapple really changes the combat dynamic.

To attack with a light weapon in grapple, you have to oppose grapple checks, succeed and then attack at -4

Power attack's 2 for 1 trade off on 2handed in 3.5 is rife for overuse/abuse.

Web works 'like' it used to in Basic, 1E and 2E

Lighning bolt is unneededly weakened

Conjurations, even attack spells, rarly give spell resitance.

All stats have Animal buffs, those got busted down to 1 minute a level and set at +4 bonus. This was done because players would use empowered and maximised buffs to keep Item slots open at higher levels of play when they were 1d4+1 1/hour a level. I can only assume this was done because the rpga DM's have to follow the rules and not change them.

your horse is now 10 feet fat.
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Mark Causey

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Thanks, frankthedm, you've been more than helpful.

Basically, we've illuminated how little I knew about all the little rules in the game.

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I have to point out that the wizards official document pales into insignificance compared to the work Olgar captured. Don't miss out on reading it!


Yes, 3.5E contains probably close to a thousand little changes. It's a substantial revision - something WotC never admitted.

I think 3.5E is good (it's undeniably more balanced) but I think WotC's treatment of the 3.0E'rs stink.

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