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Eman Resu

Making my best attempt to re-create Prince Vultan of Flash Gordon, albeit with a spiked chain not a club. Starting at 6th level & gestalt. PV was not a spell caster so neither is my build. What I came up with so far is Aasimer / half Celestial total LA of +4 and on other side of gestalt a combo of fighter and barbarian. Now I did take 2 levels of Paladin otherwise I feared my pc would be over shadowed more-so and I wanted to take advantage of the high cha!

Again starting at 6th level we will play this to 20th or thereabouts, would like help/advice...I have found by excluding spell casting classes, archer based pc's and non rougue there really isnt a prestige class to pick from...or is there? Exotic wep Mstr?

feats so far

jotunbrud feat from races of faerun
power attack
exotic wep spiked chain (meteor hammer)
2 handed power attack (X2 str)
imp trip

any help/advice/suggestions much appreciated / oh and pretty much all books open but not ToB
eman resu
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Warning: A Barbarian may not be Lawful! "A barbarian who becomes lawful loses the ability to rage and cannot gain more levels as a barbarian..."
Warning: A Paladin must be Lawful Good! "A paladin who ceases to be lawful good ... loses all paladin spells and abilities (... not weapon, armor and shield proficiencies). She may not progress any farther in levels as a paladin."

Now I assume that the 2 lvls of Paladin are mostly for Divine Grace. If you're not dead set against being good, which from what I know of Vultan, he was more neutral leaning towards good, the Hexblade from Complete Warrior will give you the same Cha to saves with Arcane Resistance. While Hexblade is a casting class, as long as you don't take more than 3 lvls you can ignore that part of the class. BTW, I would go for 3 lvl just to get Mettle.

OK on topic; Vultan was a great leader of his people, take that into account and pick up the Legendary Leader from Heros of Battle.
If you decide to go up the two-weapon tree, the Tempest from Complete Adventurer might be tasty.

Eman Resu

-Paladin of freedom (ch good) any more levels of Paladin err is kind of a waste, they really dont offer anything for this build
-I took Barbarian at 1st & 2nd level for the 12 h-pts at 1st level, the fast movement & uncanny dodge, Im ch good not LG
-I was thinking of taking hexblade at lower levels but it has a non good restriction and the Aasmir Half celestial is good aligned
so thats out
-2 wep fighting for me would be a trap...with a 24 str Im all about the trip n power attack w/ the spiked chain

with the Jotunbrud feat this counts me as large (+4) with all disarm, grapple, sunder & trip attacks
2 handed weapon adds +4 to all sunder, trip & disarm
the spiked chain adds ahh I think a +2 for trip?
imp trip +4
bab of 6
str of 24 = 7 mod

so am I right that my trip attack with this chain is 4+4+4+2+6+7 = +27

so I a tripping machine at this point, right?
You're not a truly effective tripping machine unless you have Knock-down too.

Also, there's a Barbarian ACF from Complete Champion called Lion Spirit Totem. It trades your fast movement for the ability to full attack on a charge. Another Barb ACF is from Unearthed Arcana and it gives you Improved Trip for free in place of Uncanny Dodge. Keep in mind Improved Trip requires Combat Expertise too, which requires Int 13.

Are you doing LA on one side of the gestalt, or both sides? You only seem to have mentioned two levels each of Barbarian and Paladin, so I have to ask. If the LA is on both sides, don't even try the build because you don't have the HP or BAB and such to be worth anything. If it's on one side and you simply haven't added other class levels then you're going to want Fighter levels to get the feats for tripping.

There's a great feat called Knockback which you might qualify for via Jotunbrud. Jotunbrud is essentially the same as Powerful Build, which is one of the possible ways to qualify for the feat. Knockback is nice on its own for the ability to let you move enemies around, but it really shines with Shock Trooper. ST allows you to turn the accuracy hit from Power Attack into an AC hit, so if you can avoid attacks off opportunity on charges it's excellent. It also allows you to bull rush diagonally, and if you bull rush a target into another target, you can trip both of them.

By the way, you might want to change the tag on this thread from "Any D&D" to "D&D 3.5" so that it shows up on that list if people are specifically filtering out everything but 3.5 stuff.
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Eman Resu

I clicked on 3.5 this is where it went so I kinda figured DnD was mixed on this forum? I will put my glasses on next time, anyways thanks for the heads up, for that and the knock down feat -WOW! 10 h pts and a free action to trip, if trip is successful then free attack, rinse wash repeat!

kinda thinking of the following
1 Aasimer / barbarian
2 half celestial / barb
3 hc / fighter
4 hc / f
5 pali / f
6 pali / f
Just make sure to remember that you can't trip something that is already tripped. And you can't use a trip attack as an AoO against something that is standing up since it's considered prone until it actually manages the full stand. So if you hit a prone creature for at least 10 damage with Knockdown, you can't make another trip attempt and then get a free attack.

Eman Resu

with a 6/1 BAB my best round would be 4 attacks, 2/bab & 2 potentials from the knockdown feat providing I cause 10 or more pts of damage, with a 24 str...I was getting mad the psion /fighter with 1 hit was doing 40 + damage rolling multiple d6's

whats the feat that gives x2 str mod w/ two handed wep?
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with a 6/1 BAB my best round would be 4 attacks, 2/bab & 2 potentials from the knockdown feat providing I cause 10 or more pts of damage, with a 24 str...I was getting mad the psion /fighter with 1 hit was doing 40 + damage rolling multiple d6's

whats the feat that gives x2 str mod w/ two handed wep?
I know of no feat that simply makes Power Attack do 2x damage every time. However, Leap Attack allows one to make a jump check and then get +100% to their PA as per the conditions in the feat.

And you wouldn't get 4 "proper" attacks with knockdown. You'd get the two from BAB, and if either does 10 or more damage then you get a trip attempt, which is an opposed check, not an attack. If the trip is successful then you get a third attack against the now prone (or falling if it's a flying creature) opponent. Now, if you were to take the Whirling Frenzy rage variant, then you could get another attack which is treated like pretty much all other flurry-type abilities.

Oh, derp. Strength mod, not PA mod. I also don't know of any official feat that grants 2x str mod, but I do know of a prestige class that does. Exotic Weapon Master has an ability that allows the character to add 2x their str mod on damage with a 1-handed exotic weapon wielded in two hands. It doesn't work with a 2h weapon.