36 New Fan Created Resources for D&D 5th Edition

Yet another installment of my D&D 5E fan content roundups, where I scour the web so you don't have to! This time, I have found some Oriental Adventures themed pieces, Marvel's Avengers-themed character builds and weapons, revised exploration rules, new creatures, 9 new character sheets, and the One Death & Dismemberment Table to Rule Them All. Remember, I do these every month or so, so click here for them all.


Also, in the last month on EN5ider, were the following articles. You need to be an EN5ider patron to get them, though!

  • Winterheart. Winterheart is an adventure for 4th level characters. Can the PCs rescue a young prisoner with latent icy magic before her despair plunges the region into a deep winter? By Esper, illustrated by Jen Tracy, cartography by Esper.
  • Fantastic Tomes & Librams. Fantastic Tomes & Librams presents you with 1d100 mundane but exotic books and tomes to furnish a wizard's study, a library, or a treasure hoard. Each entry contains the book’s name, its author, a short description, and an optional notation indicating its rarity, relative value, and number of pages. By Russ Morrissey.
  • Fire of the Mind. Tired of villains simply described as "mad" or "insane"? This article introduces four new illnesses - Multiple Personality Disorder, Aphasia, Schizophrenia, Paranoid Schizophrenia. Each includes rules for the player, and advice for the GM. By James Abendroth; illustrated by Sade.
  • Strands of Life. Giltônio Santos brings you 11 new healing spells for the cleric, bard, druid, paladin, or ranger in your life, and takes a brief look at direct healing, damage mitigation, and gradual healing. A vital article for anyone playing a healer! By Giltônio Santos; illustrated by Jen Tracy.

Russ Morrissey


Just thought I'd toss this out there. Over at my site for GWO I've been blogging about my 5E campaign setting. Thus far it's an overview, discussion of races, and a breakdown of the five primary factions. Next I'll be going into backgrounds.

GeekWorld Online Blog


Glad you liked "The Demon's True Name." Makes sure to read the notes at the bottom of the post.

There's a lot of great stuff on this list!
I didn't make the original posting of the list but I recently created a form fillable character reference sheet for Battlemaster Fighters which can be found here:


I posted it on Reddit, but threads go through so quickly there not sure it got much visibility!

Hopefully someone will find it useful :)


Just an FYI that the google drive preview of the file doesn't show the form fields and a lot of text on the form

Uploaded to Enworld:
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Don't forget the World of Farland's monthly update. It consists of:

  • New PC races, hobgoblins and orcs.
  • New subraces for the goblins and kobolds races.
  • A New spell, Carpet of Flame.
  • The interactive map section of the site as well as the large map of Farland has been redone.

Check it out here: http://www.farlandworld.com/new.html.


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