• The VOIDRUNNER'S CODEX is coming! Explore new worlds, fight oppressive empires, fend off fearsome aliens, and wield deadly psionics with this comprehensive boxed set expansion for 5E and A5E!

3PP Release (3rd Party Book Release) Paranormal Power: A Psionics Option for 5e and A5e, written by Steampunkette!


Rules Tinkerer and Freelance Writer
On January 3rd, the Kickstarter will go live for Paranormal Power, my first ever book!

Paranormal Power for D&D 5e and Level Up​

Psionics rules with a modern sense of style and function, dreamlike qualities, and a flair for adventure! Easily adapted to any table and playstyle for maximum flexibility!


That's one attractive book!

What's in the Book?​


A Nedraz Serpentfolk
  • 64 pages of psionic resources, art, and designs!
  • Nedraz Heritage and Culture: Temporally displaced serpentfolk from an ancient empire.
  • Wild Talents: New heritage gifts for most core heritages.
  • Esper Class: 20 levels of psionics with 4 archetypes. Crush your enemies in telekinetic storms, burn them with the heat of your anger, mend your allies with psychic chirurgery, or become a psychic warrior to channel your power more physically!
  • New Powers and Spells, your powers are always available, and get changed to be stronger, or do new things, when you augment them!
  • 7 Archetypes: From the classic Soul Knife rogue to the new Grand Design warlock.
  • Awakened Mind Combat Tradition: Psychic fighting style for your Psi Knight!
  • The Mindscape: An ideomorphic battleground that allows you to change your environment with thoughts and ideas.
  • New Monsters to terrify, confound, and ally with your players. From the dreaded Id Beast unleashing the fury of an oppressed populace to your own Imaginary Friends protecting the children you need to rescue.

Why Psionics?​


Well! I started playing D&D back in the early 90s. And the Psionics Handbook and Dark Sun Campaign setting were my introductions, more or less. I loved the naming conventions and the fact that psionicists used power points instead of the quasi-vancian spell slots of the wizards and mages at the table.

But when 3e brought back psionics they aimed to make them less complex. They got a specific number of powers per level and power points to spend on them and the psychic warrior was basically a psionic paladin. Change the name from "Powers" to "Spells" and much of the distinctiveness between psions and sorcerers vanished. Especially once they released the Spell Point variant rules for 3.5.

So earlier this year when I had lots of discussions with other designers about psionics for the Voidrunner's Codex and how to structure them, I resolved to make a psionic system that I could be proud of. One that had some different mechanics from wizards without being so wildly different as to be incompatible. And psi dice, like the one on the cover, were a fun angle to take in a new direction.

From there, archetypes and wild talents seemed like a logical choice. Then a new heritage or race, and then came the monsters... And then I suddenly had a 67 page book on my hands.

How does it work?​


lightsaber noises

As an Esper, someone with Extra Sensory Perception or ESP, you'll have access to a few powers and a reservoir of psi dice. Each power will have different augments that change how it functions or enhances what it already does. Each augment requires one or more of your dice, and some augments can be used multiple times on the same manifestation of your power.

Once you've chosen which (if any) augments you wish to use, you manifest your power with any augments active. Then, you roll the psi dice you picked for each augment. On a roll of 1 or 2 they're dropped out of your reservoir, like a spent spell slot.

The higher level you get, the more dice you get and the bigger your dice become, letting you use your powers more and more often throughout the day and ensuring that you always get to roll a fistful of dice!

What about my other players?​

They'll get options, too, even if they never play an Esper! Adepts, Bards, Fighters, Marshals, Rogues, Sorcerers, and Warlocks each get a full archetype to play with that gives them a reservoir of psi dice that they can use to fuel their class abilities or use when multiclassing into Esper to power their powers!


Adept, Monk, tomato potato.

Add in a few new Psionic Spells for bards, sorcerers, warlocks, and wizards, and most of your table will be able to get at least something out of this book. And if the classes don't cut it, the wild talents just might.

But what about the Narrator/DM?​

You get one of the most precious gifts of all! Detailed new monsters that range from the horrifically alien to the most pleasantly familiar.


The darkness between the stars has never looked so comfortable compared to the wiggling...

Ever wanted to have a Pennywise or Freddy Krueger style monster but felt stymied by how mundane most low-level monsters tend to be? Try the Bogey. With their terrorizing capabilities and a history check to know how horrifying their pasts are, it'll have your players panicking!


Come little children I'll take thee away... into a land of enchantment...

Especially powerful if you play a game with characters as children and give them some reinforcements.


Over the river and through those hundred acre woods...

Closing Thoughts​

This is my first book. I've done freelance work writing for ENPublishing, particularly the Gate Pass Gazette which was a stretch goal of the Level Up/A5e kickstarter. But this will be the first thing that is truly mine that I get to share with the world and I am excited beyond reason.
It's also my first kickstarter, which has my nerves a-jangle, I promise! I'm excited to put my work out into the world, and you'll be among the first to peruse it in full. Let's get this thing out there and see what you all think of it!
Thank you for taking the time to read all this.

Shout Outs!​

Peter Martin: You saw potential in me that I didn't know was there, and pushed me to make my first pitch to EN5ider, got me on the e-mail list, and encouraged me the whole way. And now we're working together on multiple Purple Martin Games books together? I'm over the moon, man!
Mike Myler: You gave me my first shot at writing material for people to use. And even after I didn't make the first cut, you encouraged me to keep going. Your advice on this kickstarter and support through EN5ider have been massive.
Andrew Engelbrite: Like Peter, you saw a potential in me and put it to work in the Voidrunner's Codex. I may not have been able to contribute as much as I'd have liked, but I wouldn't have been able to contribute at all without you taking that risk. Especially after my first pitches didn't get into EN5ider. I'm always going to be grateful.
Savannah Broadway: Your support and editing for the Gate Pass Gazette have been powerful in directing my creative energies. And eventually we'll get through the backlog of articles piling up on your desk, I promise! I just need to pitch you a couple psionic archetypes, maybe a heritage or two...
PJ Coffey: Your clarity and incisiveness have been a huge boon to me. The questions you ask challenge me to either find good answers or redesign my work. Sometimes it's frustrating. But it is always worthwhile. You've made me a better designer and a better writer.
Josh Gentry: Whether it's playful discussions on Discord or editing and doing little rewrites, you've helped me to understand a lot about formatting and layout. You've also done all the art for this project and I personally think you did a great job! I can hardly wait to work more on the Manual of Adventurous Resources series with you!
Ryan Nock: Our talks about the mindscape while working on the VRC lead me into a frenzy of psionic writing. You already knew you triggered this product's existence, of course, as you've been a quiet contributor the whole way. Sharing ideas and thoughts and making my own mindscape that much more complex. Thank you.

Risks and challenges​

There are no risks. If you put in your pledge, you get your book when the funds clear! All the writing, the art, the layout, the editing, it's all finished and was before this kickstarter began. Every copy will go out as a comped download through DrivethruRPG.com, so you know the logistics are handled. After all, it's how Level Up did it, and I'm learning from the best!
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Rules Tinkerer and Freelance Writer
I am sincerely delighted to see these posts and the likes on the post and I'm SO EXCITED to push the "Launch" button at Midnight on the 6th.

Next Thursday is gonna be heck on my nerves as I jitter around the house for hours, waiting for the chance to push that button!


Rules Tinkerer and Freelance Writer
I have been asked, and the answer is yes: All of the artwork in this book is AI Generated.

I walked into writing this book with a budget of $0 and am currently at -$35 dollars (I spent a tiny bit of money on advertising). All of the artwork is provided by the Midjourney AI. The Fonts and Backgrounds are free-use with credit to their creators, as well. Specifically Swordmeow, the artist of the page backgrounds and watercolors themselves, and Jason Ondricek, who maintains the online archive that provided their access.

Ultimately there are several reasons I chose to use AI artwork.

1) Broke. I literally had no money to put towards art and no skill with creating artworks.

2) Very Specific Ideas. Yes, there are free art packs out there in the world, and public domain works are abundant. None of them matched my ideal, my hopes, my specific mental image of what these things should look like. Selfish, for sure, but at least I'm honest about it.

3) I was woefully unaware of the unethical nature of most dataset collections for AI art. Whether through innocent lack of exposure or avoiding it subconsciously I didn't know until late in the process that AI art often scraped digital imagery directly. Even to the point of copying signatures and watermarks.

I would 100% understand and agree with anyone who refused to pay money for this product on that basis, alone. That is a healthy moral stance to take. I get it. And have chosen to continue to produce this product. Aware of the ethical mire I am in, and the divisive nature of my choice, I accept any repercussion thereof.

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