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D&D 4E 4e Campaign worlds


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So now that WoTC has put out 4 official campaign worlds (Dark Sun, Eberron, Forgotten Realms, and the Nentir vale)which one is your favourite. Which ones have they gotten right and which have they gotten wrong? I've done a campaign in Eberron and one in Dark Sun, and I have to say that I lean more towards Eberron. I find it very hard to run Dark Sun. The lack of magic and metal get to me. I feel restricted. Eberron, on the other hand is so high magic that I feel like I can do anything and it is plausible. Anyone else have a favourite world?

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This is the Pathfinder RPG Discussion forum.... :erm:
So you cannot play Pathfinder using one of the WotC settings? Interesting.

The Dark Sun setting is an old favorite of mine. It should play pretty well using the Pathfinder Rules (at least until you hit very high levels - trying to stat a Sorcerer King will be daunting...). The lack of 'official' monsters might be a problem. The 3e MM2 contains several monsters originating from the setting, but apart from that your best bet will be the Athas.org site.

Eberron is also a great setting. However, I think it probably works best with 4e rules. Imho, it's _the_ 4e setting.

At the moment I don't feel the Nentir Vale setting is fleshed out well enough as a base for an entire campaign. This might change after the new box is released, though.

Finally, regarding FR I have nothing good to say about it. For those who like the setting, though, it should work well enough in a Pathfinder game.


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I thought its "un-fleshed-outness" was one of Nentir Vale's whole points, a kind of generic "D&D-land" that left you plenty of room to put in your own stuff. (Although if you fold in all of the various things said in the adventures that have come out, there's a pretty significant amount of detail for a setting that's never had an official guide.)

Of the 4E-specific settings, Nentir Vale's probably the one I like the best, just because it's the closest to my old-school sensibilities, although I'd like it better if it didn't have all those tieflings and dragonborn running around. ;) And if they scrubbed the terms "feywild" and "shadowfell" out of their vocabulary 'cause they're such awful names.

Dark Sun and Eberron are okay and I wouldn't refuse to play in them, but they don't interest me enough to want to run a game there -- which is true of Golarion as well, to bring the conversation back to line with the Pathfinder forum. ;) I've heard nothing good about what 4E did to the Forgotten Realms, but I haven't actually looked into it so I don't have much of an opinion on that.

-The Gneech :cool:

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