D&D 4E 4E Character Optimization WOTC rescue Handbook Guide


This is a guide to where all the various current handbooks are from WotC.

If looking for something not listed here, this link to WotC's forum in the Wayback Machine can be very helpful. Just as a heads up, though - a reason I often don't include something from the Wayback Machine is because of any of the following reasons:
The guide is old.
The guide is junk.
The guide isn't even a guide, but rather a big giant list of stuff.

People playing 4e now Discord Channel
Here is a link to people playing 4e now and talking about it. Lots of people. Lots of resources for finding games, building PCs, running games, etc...

Ways of Getting WotC Online Character Builder to work
Well, this is dead as of December 31st 2019, so...

Actual Play Resources Thread — link to big online 4e campaign on roll20, various places where discussion of 4e happens, and other similar things...
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