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The Binder Warlock powers do not have a level. And just in general, <you are unaware of me options> tend to be of limited value in a party who cannot do that well in something that's about to go to combat. And you're probably triggering that dominate as fast as you can in combat, which also means you need to use its standard action assuming the DM has made the combats appropriately challenging to the group.

If you're doing a build, you keep tactics separate and explain the tactical options that are from the build. If there are party options that would enhance your options, again, put that into a post as part of the thread, but that's last stuff. Look at Grey Ioun Stone Marker as an example — I start with a level 13 build so people can see what its immediate progression is from heroic to paragon, I then show a level 21 for paragon to epic, and a 30th eventually for capstone. I explain the at-will pieces that make it do its basic thing and then explain how they work together, even at a table where the DM knows it is coming and what options are based on those pieces. Done.

Thanks for the tips MwaO. templated it after shoot to thrill "Build Goal and Tactics" so i thought it was appropriate.. but yeah i do see it ended up longer than it needs to be...

As for the binder at wills.. i'm looking over the errata i have... Heroes of Shadow

Echoing Dirge
Page76: This power is level 1.

Shadow Warp
Page76: This power is level 1.

Am i missing an errata?

If disguise negatively impacts the party i wouldn't use it. there are just so many stuff that improve disguises so i thought the skill deserved some attention.

I apologize if ive been a bother but i do appreciate the feedback.

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