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4E Class Survivor - Round 10 (make your prediction)

Which 4E class do you want to vote off the list?

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The paladin says goodbye this round, although it was a back and forth battle. We are down to 9.

This round will be slightly different. Since the vote seems to be predictable (although who knows where those who voted for the paladin will swing), I am making this vote public and will be counting the names on the list. Those anonymous votes will not count this round (which may or may not change the direction of the voting),

Also, I ask that you post your prediction for the top 3 survivors.

Everything else is normal...Vote for the class you want to remove from the list. Please don't peek at the votes, or discussion before you vote.
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I voted Druid again. The dual mechanics, just don't work for me.

The top three survivors?

I'm going with Fighter, Rogue and Barbarian.

Mr. Wilson

For this round, I voted off the Druid. Played the class in two of the hour long Dungeon crawls at Gen Con. Thought it was ok. Lots of interesting things to do, but felt underpowered compared to the Barbarian and Sorc. That said, of all the class roles, I'm least fond of the controller. So off you go.

This is not how I would vote for the top 3 (mine would be Warlord, Warlock, and Barbarian), but I believe Fighter, Rogue, and Sorcerer will be the last 3 standing.


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Fighter, rogue and wizard will be the last three.

Goodbye, Paladin. We won't miss you.

Posting it here as well because it's awesome:

We've come to mourn the paladin,
The best and noblest sort of man.
His way was clear, his will was strong,
But he's just as dead as if he'd been wrong!

Alone he faced the orcish hoarde,
And, dauntless, drew his mighty sword.
He did not flinch, he did not blink,
He surely did not stop and think!

The halls of Tempus opened wide;
Our paladin was led inside.
He shares with all his noble creed,
And frowns on wenching, feasts, and mead.

We cannot mourn this hero's death,
Though of his strength we are bereft.
If you must weep, weep for the god
Who now endures this tiresome sod!

(From Elaine Cunningham's Silver Shadows)

Stop the Swordmage hate! Vote for Avenger! Lone wolves are stupid in a team-based game, and it's almost as lame a concept as Paladin was. Get rid of the dull psychopath jihad class, save the awesomeness of the Swordmage.


The swordmage dies.

Fighter, sorcerer and ranger go all the way... although I'd personally keep the avenger over the ranger, and the wizard over the sorcerer.

The avenger is awesomely fun to play; hitting on nearly every attack and scoring nearly twice as many criticals is good times. It also has great defenses and a real "batman" feel. The wizard can't match the sorcerer for blastiness, but the dailies and ritual flexibility is great.

For clarity, I kept voting the warlock until she went and then started on the wizard and will be doing the same. After this, I am somewhat undecided.

As for predictions:
- Fighter
- Sorcerer
- Barbarian

Best Regards
Herremann the Wise


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I'm betting fighter, rogue, and wizard survive.

And I will continue voting the barbarian off the island just to be ornery.

Majoru Oakheart

Goodbye, Druid. If you could do something cooler than slide enemies one space with most of your powers, I might keep you around.



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The ranger remains a deathly boring class in play. And, with the seeker out and about, we the woodsman-archer archetype no longer need by filled by the ranger.

For the final three, Fighter, Rogue and, in the upset, the Sorcerer.


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In earlier rounds, I voted for the Invoker, who took longer than I expected to finally bite the dust. I voted for Rogue this round as well as the previous round. I have no particular animosity toward any of the remaining choices, but the Rogues I have seen in play haven't contributed any sort of tactical complexity to the encounters. After Rogue is gone (if it goes at all, it probably won't), the Ranger will be my target for the same reason.

My predictions for the top three are Fighter, Sorcerer, and Wizard. The last one standing will be a Fighter. It does everything it is supposed to do, and it's fun to play.


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I voted before I read your post Glyfair, and I hadn't logged in.

I won't clear my cookies and re-vote, because frankly, I'd feel dirty, but if you could count one of the anonymous votes as one towards the Swordmage being booted, that'd be great.

As for who I think we'll see in the top 3: Fighter, Rogue, and Sorcerer are my hunches.


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I voted Avenger, cuz it sucks. My top three woul be Fighter, Rogue, and Sorcerer, much like Alma there.


What's wrong with you people? The wizard isn't dead yet!

I predict the fighter, rogue and sorcerer will suvive to the top 3.


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If the Avenger survives this round and the noble swordmage dies, then the terrorists have won.

Because that's what the Avenger is, now that I think of it. A terrorist. The worst lame side of religion. We don't need that crap in D&D, get rid of it!


Sorcerer - Rogue - Fighter will be the last three to die, in that order.




I voted Ranger, but I'm fairly sure the swordmage will go this round.

Final three: rogue, sorcerer, fighter.


I voted off druid, have never liked to fluff of the druid

As for predictions, well I reckon sorcerer, rogue and fighter.

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