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4E Class Survivor - Round 15 (To determine the final 3)

Which class do you want to vote off the list?

  • Fighter

    Votes: 14 9.4%
  • Rogue

    Votes: 30 20.1%
  • Sorcerer

    Votes: 64 43.0%
  • Wizard

    Votes: 41 27.5%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


First Post
Note that I am calling the previous round a little bit early, as it appears to be insurmountable in the remaining time.

The race looked like it might be close early on, but the barbarian is voted off and is quite angry about it. The results of this round will determine the final 3. Will there be any surprises this round?

Vote for the class that you want to vote off the list. Please don't bias your vote by looking at the running results, or the discussion, before you vote.

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Mr. Wilson

Wizard needs to go away so my predictions from a few rounds ago are accurate.

That and the Sorc. is way more fun than the wizard.


First Post
Wizard has got to go... ts just so bland.... yes there's a lot of historical flavor and whatnot but every time i hear "I'm playing the wizard" i just cant help but roll my eyes and sigh its just such a boring "WE NEED IT TO SURVIVE" class akin to the cleric of old.

So yeah off with the Wizard's Head!!!!!


The Fighter has to go, it is the one left that I like less than to rest and it is about time the fighter attracted some votes.

I think the wizard is really fun


First Post
Voted for Rogue. Think there should be a secondary Int build, that's what I was hoping for in Martial Power. No such luck.

Fighter's gonna win it.


First Post
was finally time to vote wizard. I mean, I love the class, but I've seen them both in play from the GM side, and played with a sorcerer companion (and played a wizard). And I just have to say... Sorcerer handles the "Arcane Weird Guy" role better than the wizard. Not by much, but just by enough to make it a more enjoyable class.

And I'd feel bad voting rogue or fighter - both are amazingly fun classes to play.


Well, I already decided which of sorceror or wizard I prefer, and sticking with that decision. Sorceror gets the boot. Not that I have anything against the sorc, it's a fine class, but I like the other three better.

(I do agree that rogue should have an Int-secondary build, but eh. It's still one of my two favorite 4E classes.)

Rogue, you got to go!

One of the biggest glass cannons in the game, one of its builds is barely a striker imo, and...the sorc is so much cooler!

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