[5e] Character builds that rolls minimal dice

i am trying to think up a character who has minimal interaction with the dice. Either by making other people roll dice by save or die type spells, or giving other people attacks instead of themselves, or by taking static numbers on dice rolls instead of rolling them. What are some ideas of builds that could do this while still having a meaningful role in a party?

My first thought was a sorcerer who only runs spells that force saves or have other effects. Then I also remembered there is a type of character that gets to take 10s on skill checks if they roll lower than 10, which kinda works. I know there are some really cool builds that could fit this concept, just too tired to figure them out right now and would like a little help.


I wouldn't recommend a caster or rogue, you may save on attack rolls, but damage rolls will quickly pass 5 dice at once, with fireball/lightning bolt being the most notorious. Sneak attack also adds up quickly. I would recommend a martial character, champion if you don't care about being slightly below average, or samurai if you want a stronger one. Barbarian is another martial that rolls relatively few dice.
That is an idea, though I know there are a lot of control spells that move the dice rolling to dm or other players. Attack rolls are the worst offender when one is wanting to avoid rolling dice, while martial characters tend to roll less dice, the majority of the dice they do roll are attack rolls.

It would just be nice to have a character that is designed for those days when you just can't rol above average on any of your dice.
isn't magic missile 1d4+1 then you multiply it by the number of missiles you are casting? and it's auto hit if you can see the target. so you only ever have to roll 1d4 if that's all you cast. it's not a big damage dealer but i have read a few ways about increasing its damage here and there by some druid abilities but not sure if that's true.