D&D 5E 5E Discussion: Want to dish out XP, but can't?

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Limit Break Dancing
Have you exhausted all of your thumbs-ups?

Are you tired of being told you need to "spread more XP around before giving it" to your friends?

Do you need a dumping ground for all those extra high-fives, so that you can get back to high-fiving those people who agree with you on vital, important issues like healing surges and large-breasted lizardwomen?

Well friends, I am here to help.

Simply click on the green "thumbs-up" below my avatar here, and you will be one step closer to returning to the OMG We Are Awesome! echo chamber. I will humbly--nay, proudly-- serve as the dumping ground for all of your extra XP, and get you back to knucklebumping and thumb-upping your likeminded friends.

You're welcome,

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I've often wanted the community to use me as an XP dumpster, but never had the courage to ask. Kudos for showing us the way. :cool:

All good, in my opinion, so long as you know where it's been.


Sorry, folks, we don't allow XP whoring. I understand the impulse but please don't do this.

And since the thread is also off topic for this forum, closed it goes.

Not open for further replies.

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