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D&D 5E 5e Halcyon Academy

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Mountain Pass
Round 0

Asherah rushed after the others, drawing flail and dagger, which lengthened to a spear. Each weapon lit up with magic, the flail with a cold blue flame, the spear a hot red flame. She saw the two bandits standing slack-jawed in front of Mim, but the third already raising his crossbow.

Asherah rushed up, stabbing with her spear and swinging her flail.

Action: Attack with Flametongue Spear
Flametongue Spear: 1d20+4 12
Damage: 2d6+2 9
Bonus: Attack with Coldtongue Flail
Coldtongue Flail: 1d20+4 9
Damage: 1d8+1d6+2 6

HP: 9/9+3thp
AC: 13 (leather armor)/14 (dual wield)/15 (shield)
Unarmed: +4 3 B
Claws: +4 1d4+2 S
Flametongue Spear: +4 1d6/d8+2/P+1d6 fire 20/60
Coldtongue Flail: +4 1d8+2/B+1d6 cold

War Priest (2/2/LR)

Spells: +4; DC 12
Cantrips: Guidance, Mending, Sacred Flame
1st (3/3): (Divine Favor, Shield of Faith), Guiding Bolt, Cure Wounds, Healing Word

[sblock=School results]
Combat 19
Arcane 6 (18) (Favored Soul)
Divine 14
Skill 11
Nature 7 (fail)
Immortal 2 (fail)


Asherah rushed up, stabbing with her spear and swinging her flail.
OOC: that will help with persuassion :)
[MENTION=6855204]tglassy[/MENTION], is there space enough for the horse(s) in the tunnels? Not that Quentin fights from the horseback, just asking about general dimensions

"Asherah, don't rush into things!" He sighs and then rushes right after her.
OOC: if possible, shield her, but I think I have to dismount first?


OOC: So, Grody went on ahead, through some tunnels, to find the cavern these guys are in, and no, it’s not big enough for horses. We’ll just assume you had already dismounted and followed them through the tunnel.


Zivar comes into the cavern and sees Asherah swinging at one of the 3 crossbowmen, with the other two turning towards her. His gut starts flipping as he mutters an incantation and flings his hand out and a streak of softly glowing blue light extends from his fingers smashing into the one Asherah is fighting.

OOC: Ray of frost
Attack: [roll0]
-10 movement to target if it hits. Ignore up to 3/4 cover

"Put down your weapons or you are all dead! Do NOT test our power." Zivar yells hoping that they will give up.
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It was working, Mim had used a spell on two of them and they seemed different. Then the other pointed his crossbow at him. Before Grody could applaud his friend, Asherah rushed in swinging and Quentin followed.

Well, it seems they had no choice now. The two who'd been ensorcelled had lost that dazed look and were preparing to fight back.

Grody reacted first.

OOC: Okay, not sure what the room looks like, or where anyone is so I'll make a multiple choice post. In order of choice of preference.

1) If there are two standing within 5 ft of each other. Acid Splash: DS 12 Reflex or take [roll0] acid damage.

2) If any one is armored in metal(and there's enough room to maneuver) : Move into range and cast Shocking Grasp: Best of: [roll1][roll2] to hit, [roll3] Electric dmg and cannot take reactions until start of it's next turn.

3) Otherwise: Sling attack: [roll4] for [oll]1d4+2[/roll] Bludgeoning and [roll5] Electric damage. Then duck back into the tunnel.
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Quentin rushes after the cat lady ( :p ) pointing behind the trio.
"We don't have time for you. Surrender, flee or fight with us, the monster is coming. Stop fighting everyone! You three, stop or we kill you now, no time to waste!"


Markus the bandit stood in awe of the strange birdman, unable to take his eyes away. He wanted to help? But...weren't they supposed to stop intruders?

As he was thinking this, Joey lifted his crossbow, obviously scared and not sure what to do. A cat woman (what's with all the animal people? He must have had too much to drink) ran into the room with a flaming sphere and a flail with blue flames, and stabbed the spear into Joey's gut. A shorter person came in calmly and blasted a ray of cold energy into Joey's face, turning it into an icicle!

Joey fell to the ground without another word.

Markus' eyes widened, and yet another animal person, this one a smaller one that looked like a lizard, appeared from nowhere and threw acid on him and Hank! It burned through his clothes, but thankfully didn't cause too much damage. Hank yelped and swatted at where the acid hit him.

Then yet another intruder came in and spoke so commandingly to them that Markus had had it. He snapped. He couldn't do this anymore. He wanted to go home.

He threw down his crossbow and knelt on the ground. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to! It was supposed to be an easy job! And now there are bone monsters and animal people and I just can't deal with this anymore!"

Hank, seeing one ally die in moments and a second's mind apparently break, dropped his crossbow as well and knelt, his hands behind his head.


Mim looks around a little disheartened that everyone showed up and ruined his magical moment to shine and squinted down into the passageway before quickly realising it was to dark to see.

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