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D&D 5E 5e Halcyon Academy

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Grody watches the spel strak across the room and strike the man's chest unerringly with a start. He'd learned of the spell in his classes, but never truly seen it in action. Looking up to Zivar, the little kobold yipped his approval.

"Zivar has good spell, Grody like! Grody see what noises are.

And with that, he slipped through the barricade and skulked down the cavern to see what was going on up ahead.

OOC: Stealth: [roll0]


Zivar watches as, in his mind, the body falls lifelessly to the ground. A horrified look comes across his face as a realization takes over him. This is no Academy test. No training exercise. He just killed, not a monster, but a human. Without so much as knowing if he was actually a threat.

Time freezes for a moment for the young gnome until one of his friends bumps into him accidentally and startles him out of his trance. The distant sound of fighting, a realization that there is danger near, clearing the fog in his head a bit.

Riley, I... I hope I made the right choice. Zivar communicates telepathically to his familiar as he hops down from the wagon with a bit of a thud.
His eyes are drawn back to the body. With a solemn look Zivar mutters an incantation, pointing his staff at the body and an illusion of a crate with the Hercule family crest on it appears over the man. As much, if not more, to hide it from Zivar as anyone else.
"Wh What do we do now?"
Zivar looks around, his back to the body, trying to figure out where the fighting is coming from.

Riley tries to comfort his friend. I'm sure you did the right thing. You saved me. More importantly if you dwell on it now you won't be able to help your friends survive this.
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[sblock=Grody]Grody goes down the tunnel, alone, but not very quietly. The tunnels twist a few times before opening up to another cavern, this one with an alcove to the right with a number of beds and chests, and a few candles on small tables. To the left is what appears to be an eating area, set up with tables and chairs, and a bar.

Directly across the room is another tunnel, and is much more lively. Men appear from around a bend in the tunnel ahead, apparently scared out of their minds. There are four of them. Three run into the room, diving to the side, while the fourth, still in the tunnel, aims his crossbow at something around the bend behind him, where Grody can't see, firing a bolt. The tunnel is dark, so Grody can't see much of what happens next, but the man's body spasms, a gurgling sound escapes his throat, and he is pulled further into the tunnel, beyond Grody's line of sight. Wet sounds follow.

"It got Lem!" one of the men call out, looking back into the tunnel. All three of them aim their crossbows at the tunnel, as if holding their breath.

"Oh gods, what is that thing!" another says, his crossbow shaking.

"It looks like Halish," the third said, this one a little more in control. "He was always doing those stupid experiments. He must have done something to himself when he disappeared a few weeks ago."

"What do we do?" the first says.

"Make sure he's not following us, then get out of here."[/sblock]


Surprisingly, Grody remains hidden.


Grody watched the scene for a moment, taking it in, then he turned and slipped back up the tunnel to rejoin the others.

"Three humans in next room, one shoot at thing in far tunnel then get dragged in. Methinks he dead. Others speak of other person, say he do ExpEreements, maybe become monster? Grody think, we help them, monster scary!"


OOC: Turns out I haven't been getting notifications and have missed alot
Mim cocks his head to one side before heading off down the passageway to see this so called monster. Mim confidently strides into the middle of the men and unleashes a trick Morgana taught him.
OOC: Casting fey presence to charm the thugs in the room everyone in a 10ft cube must make a wisdom save vs dc 12


Bandit 1: [roll0]
Bandit 2: [roll1]
Bandit 3: [roll2]

Ok, two of them are charmed. They can't attack you and you have advantage on checks to interact with them. So what do you do? Because that third one is probably about to shoot you in the face with a crossbow.
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