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D&D 5E 5e Halcyon Academy

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Zivar sitting in the wagon eyes closed back against the railing.

"The mountains are so tall. The road is straight, despite hugging the mountains. The pass is narrow, keep an eye out above I will look unnatural if I'm looking up the whole time.
A bend in the road up ahead. Oh! The sun is gone, whats going on, did I get sacked? No, no I see the sun. Strange.
A cave? Does the road go through a cave?
There is a fight! Ahead on the road after it goes left. A dark tunnel or cavern, shouting, fighting. I can smell death.
Let me see if I can get closer without being spotted."

Riley crouches down doing his best to hide in the darkness. moving forward slowly after a little hesitation.
Riley I don't like this at all.
Zivar It is ok Riley we just need to check it out so we know what we are up against
Riley I still don't like it. If I get hurt you are going to pay.
Zivar I won't let that happen. I still remember that hairball you left on my bed. We don't want to do that again.

Italic dialog is in the cats head and just to amuse myself.
Looking around [roll0]
I can't find in the spell if my mental stats are used for this or that of a cat so... If perception +1 (Either way), if Investigation +5 if my proficiency and Int is used, -4 if the cat's is used.
Stealth (going under the assumption that it's by the cat's physical attributes) [roll1]


Assuming Zivar said all that aloud, no one in front can see any cave. The road just bends to the left and keeps going.

The cat looks around. The cave is rather large, and gets larger the further he goes inside. He sees a number of boxes and crates piled to one side, each with the Hercule Family Crest on it. The crates appear to be empty and tossed to the side. There are also large wooden walls, five feet high, to either side of the cave, with arrow slits in them.

A lone man wearing leather armor and sporting a crossbow beside him, is standing nervously near the rear of the cavern looking down a tunnel that leads further in, and notices the cat. He looks at the cat, confused, but lifts his crossbow and starts moving towards the entrance to the cavern. Currently, he can't see the cart, but he will in a moment.[/sblock]

OOC: Also, the wagon is full of empty crates. but the Hercules have a Silver mine.


OOC: Don't normally post twice in a day but just to make sure no one is waiting on me.

And yes if I put it in bold my intent is that it is speaking out loud. Italic is thoughts or telepathy.

"It's the trap. Hercule boxes everywhere human sized wooden walls with arrow slits to protect archers, both sides. Man in leather armor with a crossbow. He sees Riley. He is coming towards us but doesn't know about the wagon yet. We need to act quickly." Zivar speaks outloud to the people with him.

Oh no Riley, hide! Riley arches his back and hisses at the man as he steps forward. As he raises the crossbow the cat darts off to the closest stack of boxes to hide preferably sliding in between some boxes and crates. Trying to find a safe space out of site.

OOC: If Riley gets attacked and isn't killed or feels like the crossbowman isn't going to let him be, he does everything he can to break line of site with the crossbowman and tells Zivar to dismiss him to a pocket dimension to be safe.


Grody listens to Zivar's description, not understanding what he is talking about. Then suddenly, he realizes that the cat is a familiar. One of their lessons flashes through his mind and a light goes off. Suddenly he understands and speaks quietly in response. "Path lead into cave? Maybe Grody can see. Skyfire too bright for Grody."

Still, the kobold sat in place, no point in breaking cover just yet. With luck a bit of surprise might actually serve to counteract this blasted sunlight. He did however retrieve his sling, a faint crackle of electricity could be heard by those nearby.
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Quentin looks around. Still seeing nothing, but not doubting his magical friends he tries to prepare them.
"Zivar, can you cast inside without seeing it? I mean, would magic go through this gate or simply up front on the road? Can you put some kind of illusion, sleep or whatever so we can charge in? Otherwise, I'm going in full gallop with shield up. We need to use the confusion your cat caused."


"My connection with Riley is magical so I can't believe there is any kind of barrier preventing magic, I don't have any spells that I can cast through him that will do what you are asking."

Zivar looks through Rileys eyes to see if he can see how one would get behind these barricades, or if we can get the wagon close enough to one of them that we could jump off the wagon and get over the wall that way.

"Let me see if I can find a way behind the barricades. Be ready this will not be easy. [Insert drivers name here] Act natural and slow down like you are getting ready to take the corner to buy us time please."


Riley only has a few moments to look around as it ducks behind boxes, and the crossbowman tries to catch him. The wooden walls would be fairly easy to scale, but also have openings on either side.

However, there doesn't appear to be anyone behind them.

OOC: Need a Dex save from Riley as the crossbowman tries to grab him. It has to beat [roll0].

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