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Kickstarter [5e/OSR] Clock Strike Zero: Minor Realm Games' first original adventure module - Kickstarter is live!


First Post

The realm of Zearus, a peaceful but politically divided continent with a fraught history of internal strife, beckons you in Minor Realm Games’ first foray into a rich and vibrant setting!

Join a cast of ambitious, fledgling adventurers as they stop off in the bucolic backwater of Blackwyrm on the road to the human capital of Herlivik. Intending to make a quick stop to rest at the local inn before resuming their journey, the intrepid travelers realize that things are not what they seem in this odd little town, and their pit stop spirals into a full-blown adventure as they’re drawn in to investigate a growing peril threatening Blackwyrm’s people.

Facing idiosyncratic local customs, a mysterious disappearance, run-ins with a shady assassins guild, and increasingly bizarre supernatural manifestations centering on the town’s iconic, but defunct, clocktower, our heroes must rely on their ingenuity, and each other, to save themselves and Blackwyrm from an unlikely foe.

This OSR and 5e compatible module will contain:

  • Basic town and nation map for Blackwyrm and Zearus respectively
  • Random tables for easy NPC and condition generation
  • Notable places and NPC background guide
  • Adventure hook options
  • Old school dungeon maps
  • Original monster stats and descriptions
  • Campaign extension story arc recommendations
We'd love for you to check out the campaign!

Minor Realm Games is a brand new tabletop gaming startup based out of Pittsburgh, PA.
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