D&D 5E 5E Survivor - Deities (Part 6: Celtic Deities) Lugh Lámfada Advances!

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And it is Wednesday here! I better vote now, as it seems this will soon be over...

The Daghda 4-2=2
Lugh Lámfada 3
The Morrigan 6+1=7

My journey involved not waking up at Midnight to vote. With no crows and ravens to clean up the corpses of the other gods after the battle, the byways might be a bit nasty for a while.
To be fair, I voted before I went to bed. I wasn’t sure i would have another chance to vote when I woke up.


Scion of Murgen (He/Him)
The Ildanach, Balor's grandson, comes out on top!

Part I Book II: The Coming of Lugh​

Now as to Nuada of the Silver Hand, he was holding a great feast at Teamhair one time, after he was back in the kingship. And there were two door-keepers at Teamhair, Gamal, son of Figal, and Camel, son of Riagall. And a young man came to the door where one of them was, and bade him bring him in to the king. "Who are you yourself?" said the door-keeper. I am Lugh, son of Cian of the Tuatha de Danaan, and of Ethlinn, daughter of Balor, King of the Fomor," he said; "and I am foster-son of Taillte, daughter of the King of the Great Plain, and of Echaid the Rough, son of Duach." "What are you skilled in?" said the door-keeper; "for no one without an art comes into Teamhair." "Question me," said Lugh; "I am a carpenter." "We do not want you; we have a carpenter ourselves, Luchtar, son of Luachaid." "Then I am a smith" "We have a smith ourselves, Colum Cuaillemech of the Three New Ways." "Then I am a champion." "That is no use to us; we have a champion before, Ogma, brother to the king." "Question me again," he said; "I am a harper." "That is no use to us; we have a harper ourselves, Abhean, son of Bicelmos, that the Men of the Three Gods brought from the bills." "I am a poet," he said then, "and a teller of tales." "That is no use to us; we have a teller of tales ourselves, Erc, son of Ethaman." "And I am a magician." "That is no use to us; we have plenty of magicians and people of power." "I am a physician," he said. "That is no use; we have Diancecht for our physician." "Let me be a cup-bearer," he said. "We do not want you; we have nine cup-bearers ourselves." "I am a good worker in brass". "We have a worker in brass ourselves, that is Credne Cerd."

Then Lugh said: "Go and ask the king if he has anyone man that can do all these things, and if he has, I will not ask to come into Teamhair." The door-keeper went into the king's house then and told him all that. "There is a young man at the door," he said, "and his name should be the Ildánach, the Master of all Arts, for all the things the people of your house can do, he himself is able to do every one of them." "Try him with the chess-boards," said Nuada. So the chess-boards were brought out, and every game that was played, Lugh won it. And when Nuada was told that, he said: "Let him in, for the like of him never came into Teamhair before."

Then the door-keeper let him pass, and he came into the king's house and sat down in the seat of knowledge. And there was a great flag-stone there that could hardly be moved by four times twenty yoke of oxen, and Ogma took it up and hurled it out through the house so that it lay on the outside of Teamhair, as a challenge to Lugh. But Lugh hurled it back again that it lay in the middle of the king's house. He played the harp for them then, and he had them laughing and crying, till he put them asleep at the end with a sleepy tune. And when Nuada saw all these things Lugh could do, he began to think that by his help the country might get free of the taxes and the tyranny put on it by the Fomor. And it is what he did, he came down from his throne, and he put Lugh on it in his place, for the length of thirteen days, the way they might all listen to the advice he would give.
Gods and Fighting Men, by Lady Gregory, [1904]

The Glen

My journey involved not waking up at Midnight to vote. With no crows and ravens to clean up the corpses of the other gods after the battle, the byways might be a bit nasty for a while.
Blame my cat. She got the Zoomies right after midnight and managed to land on my bladder. I thought for sure Morgan was going to walk away with this one. And I've had too many players make some pretty cliche characters based on the Raven Queen.

Liane the Wayfarer

Frumious Flumph
Wow, that sucks. Morrigan is easily the most interesting god I've ever run as a DM. Lugh, when run per his description, basically just outdid all of the PCs in the party at their own specialties, then played it off like it was no big deal, which just made them even madder.

Level Up!

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