D&D 5E 5E Survivor - Subclasses (Part V: Druids)

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The High Aldwin
For the Vengeance of the Circle of Stars!
And Moon! ;)

Really sad to see Stars get dogpiled right at the end. I was sincerely hoping it would win if Wildfire didn't.
Sorry, but I am glad to see them both out. I see them as too focused and not representative of "Druid" in general.

While people might consider Land (and Moon) "boring" because they happen to be the originals, oh well.

Land won't win at this point as Stars/Wildfire people want vengeance. I don't blame them, that is how I felt when Moon was targeted. 🤷‍♂️

Stars was seen as the threat to their favorite. Strategic voting often means that some of the best and brightest candidates are snuffed out early.
I don't know, it lasted a LONG time. But of course I'm guessing a lot of people feel that way when their preference was voted out.

cannot believe the two most boring subclasses are the ones left smh
Its what you're left with when people target the best one.

I guess boring beats boring AND annoying.

People didn't have to vote against the Circle of Stars.
Well, I can only speak for myself, but yes, yes I did. ;)

It is like saying people didn't have to vote against Twilight, Spores, Primeval, or any of the others.

Circle of Stars should have another 8 upvotes for the days I was away.
Sure, I felt the same way when Knowledge domain was edged out by Tempest. I didn't join until half way through and if I had, Knowledge would have won. Lesson: vote early as well as often. ;)

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