D&D 5E 5E Survivor - Subclasses (Part VIII: Mystic, aka Psion)

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None of the ones left enthuse me. Soul Knife is the only name that I can really link with a psionic/psychic class like the Mystic is supposed to be.

As others have commented, the Wu Jen should be a Wizard variant (at least the name should be, maybe not the content), and the others come across more as names for backgrounds (Nomad), or just don't have a psionic flavour to my mind (Immortal).

Cheers :)


The High Aldwin
I just noticed we've had three people vote today (all downvoting Wu Jen AND upvoting Nomad) who had not previously voted in this thread... :unsure:

My inner conspiracy theorist is struggling to contain itself. ;)

None of the ones left enthuse me.
I agree, but then again that is how I felt from the beginning...

NOT EVEN A CLASS, WTF??? Paladin should be next. :(

Order of the Avatar 0
Order of the Awakened 0
Order of the Immortal 0
Order of the Nomad 0
Order of the Soul Knife 0

Order of the Wu Jen 0

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