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D&D (2024) 75 Feats -- not nearly enough

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They're not worth a feat. Well most aren't. Even with a +1.

Martial features that worth a feat are oppressive on customization.
yeah, that is true...

Fighting style is worth half a feat, maybe, depending on what you pick

Second wind could be worth half a feat.

extra attack would be full feat

+1 crit range, half a feat, barely

Indomitable, dont know, half a feat for 2 usages?
hate re-rolls anyway, maybe add +5 to saving throw after result is fail?

battlemaster maneuvers are totally overpriced as feats or fighting styles:
probably 2 maneuvers and 2 dice(d4) for a half feat and double that as a full feat.
add 1(2) maneuvers and 1(2) dice and improve dice to d4->d6->d8->d10->d12 every time you take is as a half-feat(full feat).
can be taken total of 5 times at levels 1,4,8,12,16

Action surge is surely a full feat, maybe more.

Any discussion about feats inevitably leads to people either removing them from the game or discovering Pathfinder 2e.



It's More like 3 categories.

Useful: Good to have once you are have 18 or more in your prime score
Specialist Necessities: If your class/subclass leans to a specialization, you will take them. Otherwise it's Niche.
Incredibly Niche: Niche

The real problem is that second group. Because they are basically Noob Gates. They are mechanics striped out the base game to make the base game simpler. But once you get experience, they latch onto your character as they are too good for specialists.

These are the weapon and armor feats and the basic magic feats.

DCC has pseudofeats in its classes.
They aren’t “feats” in the same sense. They are class features. They aren’t something you pick. That’s like saying turn undead is a feat in 2e or BX/BECMI

Micah Sweet

Level Up & OSR Enthusiast
IDK, I like the one size fits all of feats. I prefer they get rid of lvl on feats and fill that mechanical niche with something else. Since it is in the backgrounds, just call them background features. Then every actual feat has no level restriction / requirement. They are just feats.
If I use any of that stuff, that's what I'm going to do.

Micah Sweet

Level Up & OSR Enthusiast
Actually, you don't need ASI to keep up (at least in 5e). We cap scores at 18 and are considering 16 for our next campaign. No issues. I would even argue it works better with MM or most official monsters this way.

PS - I forgot to mention that we don't allow strait +2 ASI either. If you get a +1 from a Feat, that is OK - but no +2 ASI! So our characters are mostly rolling with their original stats.
I must say, I really enjoy your houserules. Like, across the board.

Micah Sweet

Level Up & OSR Enthusiast
There is really no need for ASI in 5e, from a mechanical perspective. In fact, I argue they are detrimental. One of the reasons why we went all feats. They are also uninteresting IMO.
Sadly, while there was no need for them prior to their existence in the game, there unfortunately is now. Because now you have to away power from players that they can see in vaguely-brown and white right in the PH, and have seen for quite a while. Very difficult to do that without coming off as a big jerk. I applaud you and am rather mystified that you managed it.

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