A Change of Pace...

Stars Without Number Kevin Crawfords OSR space game
We played that. It is very oddly balanced. After about ten sessions we stopped playing. The random gen stuff was cool but it just didn't work for us

Expanse seems ok, have only played it once
Alien will be very different.
Agents Dune box starter is nice.

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I run a lot of Savage Worlds. I adore Savage Pathfinder, if there were a Savage Starfinder, Pinnacle and Paizo could just take my wallet entirely.

Savage Worlds is a good game for a younger crowd or mixed crowd. It’s not super deadly. It’s swingy, and the highs can be very high indeed. It's easy to teach, is still tactical, non-combat characters can still be productive in combat situations, and has decent tools, chases, dramatic tasks, quick encounters, and so on.

I don’t find Savage Rifts much more complicated than Savage Pathfinder. Both are on the crunchy end of Savage Worlds.

I think I’d recommend something like Flash Gordon for pulpy sci fi. It was released for the previous SW edition but there’s a conversion document and it’s 90% there for SWADE right out of the box, since it was so late in the prior editions life cycle.

It’s also very easy to take your favorite Sci Fi setting and drop it into Savage Worlds with minimal fuss. I’m working on Coriolis now. The fan Savage Star Wars book might be the best implementation of a Star Wars game ever. The prior edition Science Fiction Companion does most of the heavy lifting.

You can typically find a decent Savage Worlds clone for whatever you want - Gamma World? Darwin's World for Savage Worlds comes close. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Use Big Apple Sewer Samurai for Savage Worlds plus the Super Powers Companion, and so on.

On and off I’ve been toying with Savage Starfinder using Savage Rifts as a foundation and porting over something like the spaceship rules from Starfinder itself and just translating them into Savage Worlds terms. you could pretty easily handle the starship piece with the chase rules though I think.

You mentioned having a bunch of Free Leagues stuff (same here) maybe try Mutant Year Zero and lean into Fallout or Gamma Worlds style tropism?
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Thomas Shey

Coming back to this…

If you can think of a system you’d prefer, there’s lots of movie/TV plots that could work. Consider filing the serial numbers off of:

The Warriors
Southern Comfort
Planet of the Apes
Day of the Triffids
Wild, Wild West (TV show)
The Time Tunnel
Apocalypse Now

Almost any James Bond movie

Since you mentioned Time Tunnel, Sliders seems possibly appropriate too.


Quoting you here, Retreater so as to not detail the Level Up thread…

Thanks for the great, detailed write-up.
When I tried to put A5e into my O5e game, it came crashing down. All this brings home to me that I'm just tired of the 5e chassis. So no 5e, Tales of the Valiant, Level Up, etc. I'm ready to put all of that away.

Come on over to the Savage Worlds side - it has a very different feel to d20 yet keeps great option for fantasy and other genres :devilish:

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