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A D&D Edition... into a SINGLE picture... (?)


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Mmm, yes, very subtle and most definitely not a retarded attack

Actually kind of glad I was wrong and this thread didn't get locked. Some good stuff and, yeah, some of it may seem inflammatory, but the prohibition against explanation mutes it nicely.

ahahahahahahahahaoh god wait was this serious? because you kinda lost it at the LOL 4E IS WOW meme

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Dude, I was with you up to this point, but, how is this not edition warring?


just because you asked:

1-an infant crying, no experience whatsoever, first steps with lots of problems. A new life still.

2-the kid grows into adolescence, all hipped up and feeling cool about himself.
He's a rock star, a rebel, a writer a poet... but it's all mixed up in his head...
he does a lot of things at the same time without a real purpose. Too much pot if you ask me... Hardly as effective and a pioneer as he thinks he is.

3- The young man grows into maturity. The threat of inconsistency arms him to the bone. Experience has taught him to fight off "maybe" in almost every way possible. He is now sure of himself and with a purpose. Still he is a man now... and a serious one at that... not a kid any more, dreams are somehow put into labeled boxes.

4-The multitude of solutions and weapons have somehow proved their fault. He leaves all those "so many" weapons behind, and turns himself into one single weapon. A concrete solution he now is. His aim is almost perfect, yet he lacks the flexibility and of former times...guerrilla warfare is less of an option...


EDIT: NOTHING is perfect!
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Relique du Madde

ahahahahahahahahaoh god wait was this serious? because you kinda lost it at the LOL 4E IS WOW meme

Since he was going for the evolution/history of the successful MMOs, he can't get away with putting D&DO there since it was a failure compared to WoW and Ever-quest. The general consensus is that evolutionwise it goes muds --> Ultima Online --> Ever-quest ---> WOW. Sure, there is your Asheron Calls, Neverwinter Nights, Final Fantasys, and DDO but people don't consider those to be along the main evolutionary paths of MMOS.

Since I mentioned D&DO, let's go back to it. If you want to add D&DO on that series, it would be considered a start up that released a 3.5 SGL book the DAY 4e was announced in terms of evolutionary history and not something akin to Pathfinder.
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Sincerely, I started this thread strictly for fun.

I was really curious to see what images ppl relate to each edition.

Despite the "critique/bashing" that is IMHO inevitable in some of the examples,

because ppl have likes and dislikes... and it's only natural...

I now think that this is (perhaps) an easy way for ppl who haven't had any experience with a certain edition, to figure out some general aspects of the edition they know nothing about...

Personally, I sometimes tire of reading endless texts... Images can communicate information faster, and sometimes, they can be surprisingly more accurate and explicit than a pages long critique/break-down/review etc etc... etc...( I think!)

Then again... I might be wrong.... don't know....:angel:....


D&D: All editions plus Pathfinder


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ahahahahahahahahaoh god wait was this serious? because you kinda lost it at the LOL 4E IS WOW meme

I like 4e, and I like WoW. 4e's my favorite version of D&D, and WoW's my favorite MMO.

In case you missed it, everything I posted was a point in the evolution of MMOs.

In the future, perhaps you should be less condescending and actually consider what is there rather than leaping to assumptions.

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