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A D&D Edition... into a SINGLE picture... (?)






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Protip: To get the most enjoyment out of this thread, ignore everything except for the pictures. Don't read anything. No, not even this. Stop. Now. Go look at pictures, and post some of your own.

EDIT: And most importantly, don't *respond* to any pictures. If you like a set, give the poster an XP.


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As noted elsewhere, EN World has a "no politics" rule. So, let's leave the real-world political references out of this thread, please. ~Umbran
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Sincerely, I started this thread strictly for fun.

I was really curious to see what images ppl relate to each edition.

Despite the "critique/bashing" that is IMHO inevitable in some of the examples,

because ppl have likes and dislikes... and it's only natural...

I now think that this is (perhaps) an easy way for ppl who haven't had any experience with a certain edition, to figure out some general aspects of the edition they know nothing about...

Personally, I sometimes tire of reading endless texts... Images can communicate information faster, and sometimes, they can be surprisingly more accurate and explicit than a pages long critique/break-down/review etc etc... etc...( I think!)

Then again... I might be wrong.... don't know....:angel:....
As amusing as I find this thread, it would be a terrible way for a newcomer to learn anything. A selection of pictures with no accompanying text posted by a range of people who have differing opinions and biases is about the most confusing way to learn about a new topic I could possibly think of.

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