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D&D General A D&D Gift Guide for Everyone

With D&D's popularity, either passionate players or people interested in the game are probably on your shopping list. Below are gift ideas for a variety of circumstances and interests.

With D&D's popularity, either passionate players or people interested in the game are probably on your shopping list. Below are gift ideas for a variety of circumstances and interests.
DnD 2019 Gift Guide Clue DnD.jpg
If they like classic board games and D&D – or you have kids who are D&D curious that haven't played yet – Clue: Dungeons & Dragons (MSRP $39.99) is one to consider. It plays just like classic Clue but with Baldur's Gate locations, characters and weapons with an extra mechanic keeps the game from going on too long. Instead of finding a murderer you're looking for the traitor who hid the infernal puzzle box but you're still guessing a person, weapon and location.
DnD 2019 Gift Guide Dungeon Mayhemn.jpg
In a similar vein, Dungeon Mayhem is a D&D-themed combat card game where you have a deck for a given character (barbarian, paladin, rogue or wizard) and then strive to be the last one standing. You can learn it in five minutes or less, and it plays quickly. My group enjoyed it so much we immediately did several games so everyone could try out the various character decks. It's a great way to pass the time when your gaming group is waiting for players to show up. The original game (MSRP $15) allows four people to play, The Baldur's Gate expansion adds two more and an upcoming release will add four monster decks.
DnD 2019 Gift Guide Red Dragon2.jpg
Ultra PRO has a series of gamer pouches in the shape of various D&D monsters (MSRP $13.99). My favorite is the adorable yet fierce D&D Red Dragon Gamer Pouch, but other figures include owlbear, mimic (as a chest), beholder and mind flayer. The storage space inside is small, but it can hold at least a few dice.


If budget isn't an issue and your giftee doesn't mind a placeholder, Beadle & Grimm have started accepting pre-orders for the Gold Edition of Eberron: Rising from the Last War ($249). While images aren't available yet, a look at the sold-out Sinister Silver Edition of Ghosts of Saltmarsh, Platinum Edition of Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus, etc. demonstrate the luxury look of the sets.

DnD 2019 Gift Guide Valhalla GM Screen.jpg

If you prefer something fancy you can give out as a present now, check the ample list of in-stock items at Dog Might, creators of fine carved wood items ranging from small dice wallets to the elaborate Valhalla DM's Screen. Prices vary by item and options, like the wood or stain, but range from about $40 to $275. Custom options are also available if time isn't an issue. You also might want to keep Dog Might in mind if your group wants to treat your DM for GM's Day.

DnD 2019 Gift GuideEndless Quest.jpg

If you want to encourage your children's interest in Dungeons & Dragons or give them something to read between games, consider the Dungeons & Dragons Endless Quest novels by Matt Forbeck such as Escape from Castle Ravenloft (MSRP $8.99). Like the old Endless Quest books, these fantasy adventures let the reader make choices that drive the story, engaging the reader.

DnD 2019 Gift Guide Sapphire Dice.png

And if you want to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the popular fantasy RPG, you can splurge on the limited edition collectors D&D Sapphire Anniversary Dice Set ($299.99), which features a set of anodized ecumenical dice by Level Up embedded with a lab-grown sapphire. The set just went on sale and as of this writing, is still available.

Happy holidays!

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