A D&D Parody of Game of Thrones

I was sent the below video by Keith & Tim, who say "Two readers and participants in the site reaching out. We'd like to share a Game of Thrones and Dungeons & Dragons inspired crossover video piece we made. We're huge fans of both properties and wanted to show how Game of Thrones perfectly blends into the world of D&D! The feedback we've received is that even if people don't play D&D, they 'get' how D&D works after watching this video. We had a blast doing this and hope you and your readers watching do as well!" Some NSFW language.


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Guide of Modos
8 checks in three minutes, and the GM tells the player what she's doing? Yeah, it's a pretty good example of D&D.

Fun video, and the post-production was cool. I'd like to see Battle of the Bastards next!

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