D&D General A Dungeon That IS A Dragon?


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
So, I was thinking about Shadow of The Colossus, as I often do, and thinking about DnD, which I do all the damn time, and I thought, "why not both?"

So, has anyone ever used a dragon so immense and ancient that it can be an entire environment? If so, how did you do it?

Related question, have you ever used custom rules for house sized or larger monsters for climbing around on a creature a la Shadow of The Colossus? Do you find the 5e skills up to the task?

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Not quite a dungeon, but...

I once used a dragon as an enemy in an encounter and the site of the encounter. It, and the players, were flying/falling through a cavern in the underdark as they fought.

I had Con saves every round versus a level of exhaustion to “hang on” to the dragon’s body during the combat. I used the climb speed thing to govern movement.

I think the players ended up putting spider climb on the dwarf fighter and having him take a pick to the dragon’s throat round after round while the rest did what they could to draw attacks away from the dwarf or otherwise protect him.


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
Interesting stuff!

I may actually do a one shot soon in a friends campaign that is a flash back to the time the Terrasque showed up, and have them fight the monster as an environment.


There was the old Golden Axe video game (also not quite a dungeon ;) )
In it, there was a shortcut you could take across the back of a miles-long eagle. I remember staring at the skin/ground as a kid in fascinated disgust once it was revealed what you were really walking across. I think there was a giant turtle with a village on its back too.

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