Spelljammer A look at 30 Spelljammer Minis

I wonder if the "winks" with the Dark Sun creatures not only are as "teaser" of the future project, but also WotC's strategy bets for allow the mixture of settings, this would mean elements from one could be added in other, or the homebred version. But then we could need a explanation about how creatures from DS could appear in other places. Maybe the elemental planes could be used as "bridges", but these are too dangerous for ordinary fauna. Across the Feywild/"Land within Wind"? Maybe. Other possibility is Dregoth when he explored the "outer space" or the "secret" faction from the module "the black spine". Or there are planar-gates to the "Land-within-Wind" not discovered by the celadrins until a lot of time after, and too late to avoid to be used by others.

We know nothing about the "Crimson Sphere" but it is too far to be discovered and explored by spelljammers. Maybe some planar gate allowed other sphere to be settled by refugess from Athas escaping the cleasing war. What if Rajaat created a clone, but this betrayed him and became dark lord of a dread domain?

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I was intrigued by the Concentration bending mechanic that Mearls spent some time experimenting with on his podcast back when, but yeah, I just don't see a Psionic full Class coming to D&D anytime soon.
I'll make peace with subclasses as psionics when they give me a psionic caster that isn't about tentacles. A plain-Jane mind mage/psychic soul type psionic devoid of Far Realm motifs.


I feel a mixture of "this is super cool!" and "this is way past my level of comfort on the gonzo-meter". This has to do with the setting obviously; the minis look awesome


A suffusion of yellow
Nightmare Beasts, Ssurans (which look more like 2e dray if you ask me), Thri-Kreen, and Braxats.

All Dark Sun monsters. I’m now fully convinced that Dark Sun is this year’s cameo and I really hope they release Dark Sun next year.

On reflection those Elf spikey helmets have a Dark Sun vibe too


and did the Ssuran always have elongated necks?

and whats a Chwinga?

chwinga 1.PNG
chwinga 2.PNG
chwinga 3.PNG
chwinga 4.PNG

Chwingas are tiny, fey-like elementals (apparently there was a bit of debate during development as to what what creature type they should be) with variants based on their environment whose main mechanical benefit is that they can grant a charm (like the ones from the DMG) once per day. They first appeared in Tomb of Annihilation before later returning in Rime of the Frost Maiden, Candlekeep Mysteries, and now Spelljammer (the last image is from the cover art for Boo's Astral Menagerie).

They haven't been very important or even featured that prominently, but somebody over at WotC must really like them.

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