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A question for anyone who's *used* Combat Reactions


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I want to add Trailblazer's "Combat Reactions" to my Pathfinder game, but my biggest concern is that the players will take to using either Dodge (bonus to DR) or Parry (bonus to AC) virtually *every* round (hey, if there's no AoO's in sight, why not?), thus making them harder to hit/damage, and slowing combat down.

If you've ever actually used the Combat Reactions as a player or DM - what was your experience with it? If the players didn't use them all the time, any idea why not?



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My players use them pretty regularly . . . but, that's the point (I think). We use playing cards - face up means unspent during a round, flip to face down when spent. Easy to track. We also like that they add another layer of tactics . . ."Oh, the fighter just blocked, that means no AoO, I can slip by and get to the wizard" etc.

Wulf Ratbane

With all due humility, I can say that Combat Reactions are probably my favorite addition to Trailblazer

I've used them in every game since. My players tend to use them to hit (aid another for +2) more than anything. In fact you'll tend to see 2 or 3 support characters throw in to help the fighter land those power attacks. So in that respect, they'll speed up combat.

Of course they will marginally slow down combat because players have to choose to use them or not. Just remember that players making interesting decisions together is a slowdown for the right reasons.

Try them-- I think you'll like them. You can always strip them after a session or two if it doesn't work our.

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