A Sojourn in Sairundan Part 2 [Judge: Manzanita]

Rae ArdGaoth

Gram travels with you for a very, very long time. In the desert, you pass nomad Sairundani, and Gram entreats them to help the troubled people of Helatia.

You pass Irid's inn on the edge of the desert.

You reach the cursed, ancient ruins of the dwarves and elves, the fallen city, now a home to mist, rubble, and despair. The oppressive gloom again pierces your hearts as you travel through the southern part of the city. Just before you reach the fountain at the center, Gram cries out in despair, "This is too far! It weren' this far, I swear it! I've got t'turn back, the Patriarch is goin' t'die without me, Helatia is goin' t'fall to the bigots and slavers, I can't do this anymore!" He spins his mount around, but Shadya moves into console him and push him onward, towards the fountain.

Finally, you reach the statue of the elf and dwarf, entwined in inset silver. Your spirits soar, hope fills your heart, and a feeling that everything will turn out perfectly sets in firmly. Gram stops, eyes wet with grief and wonder, and then he shouts, "Onward! No time to waste!"

He goes with you all the way to Antreil, the going on the paved road is amazingly quick. Perhaps it's just the relief of making it through the despairing city, but you feel as though your mounts' feet cover more ground with each step.

Gram travels with you as far as Antreil, the closest major city to the desert. He stocks up on scrolls of all sorts and turns around immediately. "I'll send word. Don't lose hope, Shadya. You all... You have my deepest gratitude. I'm sorry we couldn't have met at a more peaceful time." He kisses Shadya's hand. "May the wind be always at your back." He rides off, back towards Sairundan.

The rest of the journey is as it was on the way to the desert, only in reverse. You pass through the wetlands without encountering any riverfolk. And finally, at long last, after 3 months of travel, you are met with the oddly comforting gaze of the statue outside the Red Dragon Inn.

The journey was long.

Home at last.

[sblock=OOC: ]Yes, Phoenix, the 1000gp was to be split.

That wraps this up. A summary is in the works. Thanks for playing, everybody!

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OOC: Hopefully, we'll get the summary for this shortly. After searching through the thread(s) of this adventure, I found that the only time we used the wand of Cure Light Wounds was after the fight with the bandit kids. (All 11 charges used so far were to cure those dang kids!) So there are 39/50 charges left. So that would be a market value of 585 GP for the whole wand. Would Kurgahz need to have that much to buy this from the party? Or as they are selling a used magic item to him in effect, does the price get halved down to 292 gp and 5 sp?