Awfully Cheerful Engine A Sort of Orcs & Oubliettes Con Adventure


Going to try running an ACE system at UK conventions aiming for ORCS & OUBLIETTES setting but the PCs are part of the NIGHT WATCH in a fantasy seaside town that is popular location for Witches Hen Parties and Shaman Stag Dos (basically Blackpool/Brighton Beach). All they have to do is survive the night........if it were that simple.........

Got some basic ideas for it:
  • Mainly like the Judge Dredd Day in Sector 255 with series of encounters
  • Witches are like the 'Rockers' - with their broomsticks giving off soot at the bristles as they fly by and drink copious amounts of tea
  • The Shamans (mages) will be like the 'Mods' - going about on flying carpets with lots of mirrored orbs. (They wear cloaks by a popular tailor called Merl Sherbet)
  • Wandering Tourists from far lands
  • Ghost Tours run by actual Ghosts
  • Student pub crawls
Plan to create some basic group of characters that there players can choose from.

Will aim to run it at Con-tingency first to try it out

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That is it up on Warhorn for Con-Tingency

Already creating up Watch character options:
  • Alluria - Beautiful Elf - Forced Volunteered into the watch to keep paying for health and beauty potions
  • Von Castallin - Squeamish Vampire - Forced Volunteered into the watch by their coven to get over their fear of the sight of blood
  • Donard! - Angry Barbarian - Forced Volunteered into the watch by the Chip 'n' Nails Warband Chief to toughen up from their weak six pack to a 12 pack
  • Snorto - Cocky Goblin - Forced Volunteered into the watch by the magistrate for all those silver spoons resting in their sack
  • Shaun/Sheila - Clumsy Wizard - Forced Volunteered into the watch to help pay for the high Student Loan from SnortyBartFlast's Offshore Wiz Academy
  • Hagamast - Forgetful Druid - Forced Volunteered Just walked into the watch one night and never left so the Captain stuck a badge on them
  • 'orace/'arriet - Smelly Alchemist- Forced Volunteered Dropped into the watch's dirty laundry and a badge got stuck on them and became too smelly to remove
  • Svën - Cautious Dwarf - Forced Volunteered into the watch by their clans folk in order to be more brave as they found them to be a last one to get involved in bar fights
  • Percival - Brave Knight - Actually Volunteered into the watch.......what an idiot!
  • Rocky - Awkward Golem - Owned by the Watch, used to be the stone statue outside the watch until someone made them alive
  • Augustus - Impulsive Cleric - By 'neck and high water, volunteered to try and turn the sinful lot to the great graces of the one true god - Xiais, God Of Love.

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