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D&D 5E Abeir as the new Forgotten Realms?

If WoTC decided to once again make the Forgotten Realms it's default setting for 1D&D, I would like it if they handed the title not to the world of Toril, but it's long-lost twin, Abeir instead. While most fans of D&D have known about Abeir since it's mention in 2e, and when it and Toril swapped real estate during the Spellplague in 4e. But other than those few mentions, Abeir is a world that hasn't really been explored by D&D Players. We know so very little of that world. Thus it ought to be given the title of the Forgotten Realms now.

As for Toril, it's no longer forgotten. ;) It was found ever since it came out in 2e. :p Why not give Abeir a chance?

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There is an enormous amount of lore, books, maps, etc for especially Faerun. It's a waste to not use that.

This huge treasure of information only allows DMs to plug their own homebrew story into a real setting without having to create a world.

I would turn the argument around: If you make the Forgotten Realms the default again, please give us the whole map at once, updated to whatever year (Dalereckoning) you like, and not just the Swordcoast! There is not one complete map for 5e for Faerun, let alone the whole world.


For some reason I think Maztica is still part of Abier and never came back. That land is now Returned Abeir or such. Although I would not want to play that setting or think Wizards would touch it again.

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