[Adventure] Into the King's Forest (Judge: THB)


Ah... you presume much young padawan's, the full extent of your actions haven't yet been revealed *Mwa-ha-ha*[/sblock]

"Bah, those Vadalis' think they can "perfect" nature by adding in magic, why can't they see the beauty of the world as it was created?" Luthan replies.


Unit 16 looks a little confused and a bit perplexed. "I am sorry; I did not realize I was rude. So many rules..."

A moment later, Unit 16 continues to Ryda, "The path is the same. But a good tactician should know who or what is actually being fought. Tales of heroic actions do not amount to much when the participants are deceased." After a moment, he adds - mostly to himself - "They do not amount to much, regardless."

Switching gears, he addresses the elf with a redoubled attempt at courtesy while still pressing the point. "Good woodsman Luthan, is this creature we are to fight related to House Vadalis in some way?"


[sblock=renau1g]Jarren relaxes a little as the protesters let the Warforged and companions pass by without incident. Still, the spirits are not quiet; he takes note of the subtle impulse towards the three who are passing under the gate, and resolves to stay on their trail. He follows a ways behind them, not yet announcing himself but making no particular attempt at stealth or dissimulation as he peers curiously ahead.[/sblock]

[sblock=OOC] Thanks evilbob!

I guess that everybody's passive perception checks are probably high enough to notice the hairy spear-wielding Shifter who is following them out of the city and staring at them with unconcealed curiosity - at least, unless there are still throngs of people between Jarren and the others.[/sblock]


Switching gears, he addresses the elf with a redoubled attempt at courtesy while still pressing the point. "Good woodsman Luthan, is this creature we are to fight related to House Vadalis in some way?"
"Hmm, not sure, didn't think of that, but can't see what they'd want with us?" Luthan replies.

[sblock=Unit 16/Ryda]
As you continue walking further from Sharn, the crowds continue to decrease and you notice that a shifter, armed with a spear, is following you, intent on you for some reason[/sblock]


"Really?" Unit 16 replies to Luthan, and looks thoughtful for a moment.
[sblock=ooc]Ok, I'm going to roll an insight on that one to see if Unit 16 suspects he's being lied to - HA! I got a whopping 6. Well there you go.[/sblock]
Unit 16 takes note of the shifter but does not alter his course or pace.
[sblock=philosophy]16 is definitely a "let them make the first move" kinda guy. It's both his personality and how he fights: he's keen on anticipating but he allows others to set the play in motion. His philosophy is that if this shifter wants to start something - just like the rabble - he relies on his defenses to mitigate the initial assault and then responds.

Btw, I love how Ryda and Unit 16 are both playing "basically unaligned" but coming at it from completely different angles - it's great! :)[/sblock]


Ryda bobs her head slightly as Unit 16 ponders Luthan’s reply, and in doing so, notices their tail. Whispering to the two she is with, Keep going, don’t make a scene, I’ll catch up.

Waiting until there is a wagon, shop stand, or crowd of people nearby, Ryda then darts behind it and does he best to meld into the shadows and rain darkened terrain. As the Shifter walks by, she will shift behind that which hides her, and allow him to get a ways ahead of her before she slinks from the shadows and begins the pursuit.

[sblock=Stealth/OOC]1d20+11=23 Yeah, that's what I love about unaligned, so many ways you can spin it.[/sblock]


[sblock=OOC]OOC: Passive Perception of 24, so hopefully I'm not out of line here.[/sblock]

Jarren grins to himself as one of the three breaks off and attempts to get behind him. He comes to a halt directly next to her hiding place, and calls out loud enough to be heard over the background bustle: 'I think we got off on the wrong foot. Sorry. Could I have a word?'

[sblock=Jarren quick stats]
Jarren Star Gazer Male Shifter Shaman 4
Medium natural humanoid
Initiative +4; Senses Passive Insight 22, Passive Perception 24, Low-light vision

HP 43/43 Bloodied 21, Surge Value 10, Surges 10
AC 17; Fortitude 17, Reflex 15, Will 19
Saving Throws +0
Speed 6

Action Points: 1

Encounter Powers: Healing Spirit x2
Capturing Jaws
Certain Threat
Speak With Spirits
Bonds of the Clan
Razorclaw Shifting
Second Wind

Daily Powers: Spirit of the Healing Flood

Daily Item Powers: (1/milestone)
Potion of Clarity
Bear Spirit Armor

Consumables: Potion of Healing x2
Potion of Clarity x2
197 gp
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When the shifter calls out, Unit 16 stops and turns to regard the stranger.

OOC: Passive Perception of 24, so
WOW! Uh, maybe you should be up front! :)[/sblock]
[sblock=Unit 16]
Unit 16 Warforged Warden 4
Initiative: +3, Passive Perception: 17, Passive Insight: 12, Senses: Normal
AC:22, Fort:18, Reflex:14, Will:14
HP:57/57, Bloodied:28, Surge Value:14, Surges left:13/13
Action Points/Milestones: 1/0
Font of Life
Nature's Wrath
Warden's Fury / Warden's Grasp
Weight of Earth
Earth Shield Strike

Warforged Resolve
Roots of Stone
Earthgrasp Strike
Warden's Tempest
Second Wind

Form of Winter's Herald - Form of Winter's Herald Attack

Important Stuff:
- makes lots of immediate interrupts/reactions/OAs


Full sheet: Unit 16[/sblock]


[sblock=OOC]No you are fine, and that’ll teach me not to at least check passives before I type something up lol[/sblock]

Ryda stands with a slight blush from her not-so-hiding spot. Well, if ye could see me, you aren’t a normal pursuer. I think we should catch up with the other two before we get any further into this introduction and foot changing.

Without waiting for a reply, she glides ahead, quickening her pace to rejoin her travel companions.

You coming or what? she calls back, flashing a quick smile.


Jarren returns Ryda's smile with a sharp-toothed offering of his own through his ruddy beard, and follows to where her Warforged and Elven companions are waiting.

"Good day to you," he greets them with a nod of his shaggy head. His accent is thick and rural, placing his origins squarely in the Eldeen Reaches for anyone who is familar with those parts. "Jarren's my name." He turns to Ryda with a wry smile. "You're a very fair stalker. A sight better than me, at least."


Someone who was following us. she replies to Luthan, And named Jarren. Tell me Jarren, to what do we owe this unexpected arrival on your part? You don't look like one of those silly protestors, and you have some keen eyes and carry yourself with an assertiveness that says you are not new with that spear you carry. she then folders her arms and waits, eyes searching for any sort of deception the shifter may try.


Jarren cocks his head, wondering exactly how to reply to Ryda's question. For his own part he has no doubts about his course of action, but it occurs to him that it might not be an easy matter to make these folk understand. But after all, there's little he can do about that. Tact and delicacy are hardly strong suits of his. With an internal shrug, he decides he may as well break the matter open and see how things fall.

"The spirits draw me after you. They call, and I heed them. So it's been, all my life; some men have reckoned me wise for it, and some have reckoned me foolish, but the reckoning of men doesn't concern me too much. I believe you'll be glad of my help before long - it's freely given, if you'll take it."


"My living kinsmen consider me split from my tribe, I imagine," Jarren answers, "but the dead think otherwise; many of my ancestors travel with me. Then there are the spirits of the wild, of earth and stone and wood and water, and others, some that I cannot begin to fathom. They are never absent, and rarely quiet, if you know how to listen. But some voices speak louder than others - and some I have learned to trust." For a fleeting moment a shining golden serpent appears coiled around him, gazing over his shoulder with luminous eyes. Brightly feathered wings sprout from its scaled body, their span easily as wide as a man is tall. As suddenly as it appeared, the spirit vanishes from sight.


A rather large and wide (but not too imposing) warforged stands in the path. He has clearly seen his share of battle, but otherwise is almost completely unremarkable. A huge shield is somewhere between held and attached to his left arm, and a fairly heavy-looking hammer is clipped to his belt. His armor almost looks like large chunks of metal and wood have been bolted to his body.

"It is good to meet you, shaggy-headed Jarren. My name is Susan, and this is my friend, Ryda. Luthan the elf has hired Ryda to kill an owlbear, as it is an enemy of his people. I am accompanying Ryda because she asked me to. You are welcome to join us; any assistance is appreciated," Unit 16 states plainly. "As Ryda stated, your talent must be great if you were able to easily detect her."

After the spirit display, Unit 16 seems impressed. "Our bonds to nature are similar, although manifested entirely differently," he offers. After a moment, he adds, "It... It must be nice. To always have... communication."

[sblock=ooc]This is another cool contrast; two primal characters, one of which draws power almost exclusively internally while the other is almost exclusively external.

Also, as a sidebar, I think 16 has decided to trust this shifter because he makes Luthan nervous. :)[/sblock]


Well, Susan is the moral compass of our little team, so if you're alright with her, you're alright with me. Besides, if you try and stab us in the back, you'll learn that hiding is the least of my skills... she says with a coy smirk, playfully jabbing lightly at the shifters shoulder.

Well, the owlbear ain't getting any deader with us working our jaws instead of our feet, git a moving you bunch of nature buffs you. Ryda cheerfully calls out as she starts walking toward where she thinks they are heading, which only has about a 50% chance of being the correct route.


Jarren warms instantly to the Warforged's open and straightforward manner. He chuckles at the 'shaggy-headed' epithet bestowed upon him.

"It... It must be nice. To always have... communication."
"It is. Whatever else my path may be, it is never lonely - that's my good fortune. But after all, self-reliance must bring its own satisfactions."

Well, Susan is the moral compass of our little team, so if you're alright with her, you're alright with me. Besides, if you try and stab us in the back, you'll learn that hiding is the least of my skills... she says with a coy smirk, playfully jabbing lightly at the shifters shoulder.

Jarren cracks a smile, relieved that the introductions seem to have worked out so well. It would have been easy for wounded pride to work against him, he supposes, so it's a good thing that Ryda seems boisterously good natured enough to forget all about it. With the support of these two, it doesn't seem like their Elven employer will have all that much say in the matter.
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