4E [Adventure] Little Workshop of Horrors (Judge: stonegod)


Riaan's thoughts are already turned to new arcane lore and techniques he can learn to further enhance his art. The man nods his assent.
"Well, let us be off." Maerek leads you out of The Shard and through the streets of Sharn, but eventually you leave the city as well. "It occurs to me," he mentions, "that it might be helpful, to both me and all of you, if each of you were to share what your... specialization is. I find it easier to work with people if I know their areas of strong and weak performance, and I'm sure you are the same. Or we can pass the day in silence," he adds with a shrug. "Up to you, I suppose."


"If I understand your question, I am an Avenger of Balinor, Lord of the Hunt and the CIrcle of Life and Death."

OOC: Deva Avenger 6 of Balinor, Censure of Retribution

[sblock=Quick Stats]kal'Tarron, Deva Avenger 6 Speaks in Bold Purple[/B
HP 56/56 Temp HP 0 Initiative +4 AC 24, Fort 16, Reflex 19, Will 19 AP 1, Surges 8/8, (12hp)

+1 defense against bloodied creature, Resist 7 Necrotic, Radiant, 5 Posion, Censure of Retribution, Sanguine Vestments +1 (+1 defense when OoE target is bloodied), Amulet of Health +1, Coif of Mindiron

Bond of Retribution Radiant Vengeance Avenging Echo Halo of Fire Oath of Emnity Chanel Divinity Memory of a Thousand Lifetimes Bloodclaw Great Axe Coif of MindironAspect of Might Blessing of Vengeance Couter of Second Chances Menacing Presence Wrath of the Divine
Special [/sblock]


"What pray tell would an ... avenger do? As for myself, I am master of blade magic, I have been taught skill with the sword and spell, combining it in a way to protect myself and my companions. I was taught as part of my training with the Knights Arcane, I am a warrior of my homeland, Aundair." Riann says

[sblock=ministats]Riaan Caldamus Male Human Warlock|Swordmage 7
Initiative: 3, Passive Perception: 16, Passive Insight: 13, Senses: Normal
AC:23, Fort:20, Reflex:19, Will:19
HP:62/62, Bloodied:31, Surge Value:15, Surges left:13/13
Action Points: 1
Eldritch Strike
Eyes of the Vestige
Sword Burst

Chains of Levistus
Dimensional Vortex
Infernal Moon Curse
Aegis of Shielding

Armor of Agathys
Swordmage Shielding Fire
Charm of Hearts
Swordmage's Decree
Cloak of Resistance +2
Cannith Goggles
Githyanki Silver Longsword +2
Leather Armor of Dark Majesty +2
Potion of Healing (x2)

Important Stuff:
Deals +1d6 damage to cursed target on Warlock powers
Gains 2thp when hitting marked enemy with arcane power
Defenses are 2 higher against cursed foes


Full sheet: LEB:pC:Riaan Caldamus(renau1g) - ENWorld Living Eberron Wiki[/sblock]


Trailing behind Canus, Belanaar listens to Maerek, intent to hear him out. When it is his turn, the young elf speaks. His drunkenness is seeming to wear off steadily after throwing up a couple times and having proper food and drink. "As long as I have my bow, I can defend myself. I've trained since I was a boy, and my shot is pretty well. Sometimes, I can even get two arrows into a target with a single shot."

"However, as you can tell, I am still young, and my kind isn't too battle-hearty in the heat of things... Therefore, I must keep much distance from my enemies." Looking at his companions' backs, he continues.

"That's the kind of answer you were looking for, right?"


"I am of House Jorasco." The priest is again short and to the point. He seems preoccupied with something. Maybe his ercent adventure?


"Ummm.....so your... god....speaks to you?" Riann asks, "Are you sure it a divine creature? I've heard stories of powerful arcanists who could plant thoughts in one's head." the man clearly not believing the deva's words.


Canus walks along to the group, listening to their discussion. His exuberance has faded somewhat, as his heart has stopped beating again, and the general flush of freshly taken life begins to fade. Still, he has a few days left of looking human. "I wield the Blade of Winter's Hunger. It is more beautiful, and more deadly, than anything you have probably seen before, judging by how you are all still alive."

Canus Meran
Male Revenant(Human) Hexblade 4
Initiative: +6
Passive Perception: 12
Passive Insight: 12
Senses: Low-Light Vision
Surge Value:10
Surges left:7/7
Action Points: 1
Eldritch Bolt
Icy Skewer

Piercing Shard[][]
Ethereal Stride[]
Shadow Step[]
Dark Reaping[]
Second Wind[]

Star Shackles[]
Lesser Planar Ally[]

Important Stuff:
-When Canus reduces an enemy to 0hp, or an enemy adjacent to him reaches 0hp, he can teleport up to 4 squares as a free action(maximum once per round).
-Whenever Canus drops to 0 hit points or fewer, he is dying but can choose to remain conscious until he attempts his first death saving throw. If he remains conscious, he can take only one standard action before he attempts his first death saving throw.


Full sheet: LEB:pC:Canus_Meran_(Pentius)[/sblock]


Riaan's eyebrow is cocked as the deva speaks, but he pushes no further. He instead turns to Canus, "Blade of Winter's Hunger? I am afraid I've not heard of such an implement. It certainly sounds foreboding." the man says
The day of travel passes without incident. It occurs to you that possible attackers may have been discouraged after overhearing their potential targets explain their prowess.

The road becomes a path, which itself becomes more and more overgrown as it leads you down into a rocky valley. A large, squat building sits nestled within the valley, probably rather difficult to see from the main road. There is something strange about the workshop. The large doors and complete lack of windows is a bit off-putting, making the building look a little like a massive crypt.

Maerek inspects the doors for a moment, then turns back to you. "It's true. The doors have been sealed. From the inside. I believe I can open it. Just give me a few minutes." He returns to the doors and begins pulling various devices out of his pouches.


Bored from the rather eventless travel along the road, Belanaar's spirits have faltered a bit, and his attitude is unsubtly sassy.

"Well, Maerek, if you can't open it with whatever key you might have, you could always have one the others bust it down." he says with a tinge of sarcasm in his voice. "That's all these brutes would be good for anyways..." he thinks to himself, blaming his restlessness on his poor companions.


"I hear elves make fine battering rams." Canus says dryly. He takes a moment to glance around the outside of the building. The impression of a crypt comes in strongly to him. "If there's going to be a rumble, this is a good spot for it. Place is practically a tomb, and we have a priest along. He can say the rites and you'll be off to Dolurrh right away, no messing around."


"I have some training in the arcane, perhaps I can be of assistance" Riaan offers.

OOC: If its an arcana check to use said devices Riann can auto-aid another with his +13


Bothered by Canus' comment about his race, Belanaar snaps back at him. "This IS a good place for a rumble. One that would happen if you were to continue your tasteless humor toward me and my race. I suggest you keep your mouth to yourself, old man. Remember, I know how to use this bow."

He throws a thumb back, pointing at his greatbow, almost as big as him, while maintaining a constant scowl at Canus, their eyes locked.


Canus rolls his eyes, and leans against the wall nonchalantly. "Looks like I was right. That bow is every bit as oversized as your confidence is undersized. You better hope things are quiet in there, before you have to admit to everyone that you can't even pull the string back on that thing."


Belanaar looks furious. Canus' teasing is obviously getting the best of the young elf. Reaching into his quiver around his belt, he whips out an arrow, as he slips his greatbow from being tied around his back. Nocking an arrow and pulling back the mighty bowstring, he snaps the string forward. The arrow sails where it is intended, right into the wall of the workshop just above Canus' head, where it snaps into pieces and splinters to the ground.

"I'm serious this time, Canus. One more word from that mouth." His voice is a raspy snarl, and his boyish tone is gone as anger and irritation runs through his eyes.