[Adventure] The Jade Ring (DM: Dimsdale)

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OOC: @dimsdale WEContact and I posted at the same time. (His post wasn't there when I began). He has finished P2 by himself by the looks. Can I please change my target of Cleave to P3 and Deft Hurler RBA to P4 please.

Edit: Double Crit: Is that worth anything!? :D

ooc: by all means...find a new target...I'm just happy you guys posted so quickly. I thought everyone would
want to leave because of my lack of posting.


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OOC: Combat Tracking to help with confusion of our simultaneous post:

Haaku dealt 16 dmg to P2: 26+16 = 42 dmg total = -2/40 HPs = DEAD
Leather dealt 20 dmg to P3: 17+20 = 37 dmg total = 3/40 HPs and marked TENT
Leather dealt 18 dmg to P4; Wat dealt 22 dmg to P4: 18 + 22 = 40 dmg total = 0/40 HPs = DEAD

Torqua to act

Son of Meepo

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OOC: That explains it. [MENTION=75065]jbear[/MENTION]. The numbers in red on the tracking sheet are the hp the enemy creatures have remaining, not how much damage is on them. For example, the Necromancer has 167 hp left, not 33.


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Torqua bite her lip as she brushed the unholy ooze off her skin. "This stuff better not leave a mark-." The fat sorceress remarks, only to knocked onto her behind by one of the guards, taking advantage of her painful distraction. Torqua gives out a cry of pain as she struggles to her feet, trying to ignore the bloody wound on her shoulder.

"That... wasn't... very... NICE!" The Wide Witch shouts, her skin glowing with fire orange runs until she bellows out a storm of fire at her attack.

Save against Weakness:

Move action: Stand up.

Standard Action: Burning Spray against G1 vs Ref

Fire damage

Next that hits Torqua with a melee attack before the end of her next turn takes 4 fire damage

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