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[Adventure] The Lost Treasure of House Cannith (Judge: Evilbob)


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OOC: Well then we are at an impass, as there is no way Karananak can survive crossing the hallway at his current hp total (not with the way you've been rolling the whole adventure)... and suiciding him isn't an option for me.

So what's plan B?

Karananak drags the monk back up the stairs with him to check the room again for a switch to turn off the trap. If there isn't one then this is just lame.

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GM: I am sorry that you are unhappy. As I said before, it was my intention for you to figure out this puzzle as a team. You all went across one at a time instead. You are capable of getting across without dying, even alone, as proved by your other 3 comrades who had varying tile set-ups and varying HP totals when they began. ETA: Keep in mind that Karananak has 5 fire resistance.

I cannot give you a plan B. That is up to you, the players, to formulate. Let me know what actions you take, and I will let you know the results. The hallway is 100 feet long, but you are capable of shouting to each other across it.

As long as the party is split, I consider you in the middle of an encounter.
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Thalin waits a minute for the poisonous fog to dissipate, and then proceeds to check behind each of the blueprints still hanging on the wall.

OOC: Going around the room and checking to see if there is anything else hidden under the blueprints, or if the poison safe is the only one. Do you want any rolls?


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Thalin finds the other blueprints hung up in a similar fashion to the first, and some are easier to move to peek behind than others. There is nothing obvious located behind any of them.

GM: Just let me know which square you ultimately end up in, and also if you are leaving these swung out, or putting them back flat to the wall. Some of them won't swing out all the way because of the tables.


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Hmm, it appears that safe is the only thing hidden behind these prints. Odd, because I kind of expected a door or something. comments Thalin to the others.

OOC: G1 please


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"Indeed," Colgrave affirms, his good humour sounding more than a little strained. "If there is truly no other exit, and no way to disable the hazards of this hallway, then we are in something of an uncomfortable position."

OOC: Allow me to just restate how much I despise the 4E rule of no retries on Perception checks. 'Oh no I lost my car keys and I failed to find them in the first minute of searching so now they are GONE FOREVER :eek:'

Does nobody have a healing potion for Karananak? (Note to self: never leave home without healing potions ever again.)


Raising his voice just enough so that those on the other room can hear him, Kaelan inquires on what's on the next room. "Is there anything in there? Are there more rooms? If that's a dead end I see no point in me and plant boy over here crossing over there. I'm not really keen on blowing myself to pieces just to see a small room."

He then looks over at Karananak, "You do know that there has to be a pattern or switch in here to cross to the other side. Whoever made this must had a way to cross, now if we could only find it..."


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"Unfortunately I'm not certain that there does need to be an off switch," Colgrave calls back. "It could have been operated via some portable remote device, which could be quite literally anywhere - or nowhere - at this point. As to the sense of you crossing, there is a locked safe here. I can only assume that it holds what we came for. It's trapped and Thalin's skills have proven insufficient to crack it open. You might try your hand."


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GM: Yea, the searching thing is a little awkward. Here's a compromise:

The group as a whole can decide that, although they are split and there is considerable risk, they all want to spend some time searching whichever side of the hall they are on again. However, as you've already done a search, this will be a thorough and time-consuming search. It will take 1 hour. In that time, each party member can make 1 roll. As soon as 1 person rolls, the time is spent, so be sure to fully discuss this OOC before anyone does so.

Some things to consider while deciding what to do:
-You are working on a time-limit for a reward bonus. The Mist obscures some of the tell-tales that help you determine time and you've been underground for a while now, but you think it is currently about 2:30pm.
-The boat is coming for you at dusk, which will be around 7pm.
-It took you about 3 hours to walk here with Traveler's Chant active.
-By comparison, the amount of time it will take to cross the hallway another time or two, will be much less. So far, it's taken each person only a few minutes, plus a 10 minute search on the other side.
-Should Karananak and/or Kaelan cross the hall, they can make the search roll on that side once for the same 10-minute time it's taken the others, as it is new to them.
-People on the same side of the hallway as each other can choose to use their roll as Aid Another for someone else, however that roll must come before the actual roll. You cannot apply it retroactively.
-You did see tracks in the road outside, so now that the doors are open the longer you're here, the more likely that something may wander in.
-You still count as being mid-encounter as long as the party remains split.

Should the party choose to make an additional search attempt from where you are now, the checks below apply.

For Karananak & Kaelan:
You search encompasses from the doorway at the top of the stairs, down the whole stairway leading up to the tiles containing colored symbols.
[sblock=Perception 24]You see a small hole in the closest red tile. [sblock=Perception 28]You notice a small, quarter-inch gap along the side of the wall and some small holes in the wall at about shoulder height. [sblock=Perception 30]You notice that the closest tile with a purple symbol seems just a touch lower set than the other tiles around it.[/sblock][/sblock][/sblock]

For Thalin, Colgrave, & 354b:
Your search includes the laboratory you are in.
[sblock=Perception 22]You find a loose brick in the north part of the wall the hallway is on.[sblock=Perception 28]You can see a niche in the lock and tiny holes around the safe edges. This looks like part of a trap on the safe lock. Revealing this information to someone attempting to pick the lock before they make the attempt will grant a bonus to the lock-picking attempt, as they will have some idea what to avoid.[sblock=Perception 30]In the rear corner of the room (square O1) there appears to be some very fine cracks in the wall and a loose brick that you didn't notice at first. It's possible this is some sort of hidden door.[/sblock][/sblock][/sblock]


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OOC: I so should have grabbed the knock ritual, lol

"Stand back" declares 354b as he walks up to the safe, "I will attempt to open the safe."

OOC: I think this is where people can aid another me before I roll. 354b is standing at O6.

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