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[Adventure] The Lost Treasure of House Cannith (Judge: Evilbob)


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At Colgraves comment, Thalin begins to rummage around in his pouch, a moment later emerging with a small vial. Never leave home without one! Unfortunately it is my last one, and two people have yet to cross.

OOC: I have a Healing Potion if need be. Honestly, there are paths across that do not require stepping on a dangerous tile. Yes, it involves some that move, but Colgrave made it without much issues, and I didn't get touched at all.

Hornedturtle, I can't aide since I already tried the roll, and there isn't even a DC posted yet (I noticed THAT little bit after I posted) for all we know, it's a DC 30 check, and you couldn't make it with a 20...

It seems like getting the group together is the best option, ironically, the two people with the good perception are teh two that are still at the hall entrance... figures right. What are the groups thoughts?

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OOC: Agreed, we should gather up on this side now. We need decent Perception rolls over here, and if it should happen that those don't change anything, then we can at least take a short rest once we're grouped up again.

Anybody who can consistently make a DC10 Athletics check can probably get across without taking any damage.


OOC: Green tiles - poison gas
Red tiles - flame jet
Blue tiles - slide the whole floor (requires an athletics check for balance that I will roll for you. Result of 20 or higher has other results.)
Gold tiles - log roll that column of tiles (requires an athletics check for balance that I will roll for you. Result of 20 or higher has other results.)
Purple tiles - do nothing
As a sidenote I never thought I would step on C4 on a fantasy game =P

"Ok then, here I go..."

Kaelan will step on C-4 and wait for the shuffle.

[sblock=Combat Stats]
HP 31/41 Temp HP 0
Initiative +7
AC 23, Fort 16, Reflex 18, Will 16
AP 1, Surges 4/9
Second Wind [ ]
Elven Accuracy [ ]
Drunken Monkey [ ]
Eternal Mountain [ ]
Supreme Flurry [X]
Masterful Spiral [X]

Acrobatics & Athletics +7[/sblock]
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Kaelan steps onto the blue tiles and the whole floor slides once more.

GM: Otakkun Due to exceptional athletics, you may either stay on the square you are currently in (purple) or move to any one of the surrounding squares. This is a reaction to the floor movement. You cannot make additional moves or rolls based on this movement.

Others planning on dealing with the hallway should please wait for Otakkun to post this reaction before proceeding. If you are dealing with the laboratory, please continue as normal.

[sblock=Mechanics]Kaelan Athletics - 1d20+7=24[/sblock]


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OOC: Otakkun, you can move diagonally, so you could have gone C3-D4 and not moved the floor. Don't know if C4 was intentional or not, it just seemed odd to step on a space tht did something when there was a safe one right next to you.


OOC: I'm actually trying to shuffle the floor in order to get a better path to the other side. It'll take some time (in posting) but it should get me to other side alive.

Taking a look at the new order of the floor tales, Kaelan sighs and starts again.

"Not what I was expecting. Perhaps this time I'll have more luck?"

Move B-3 & C-2, shuffling the floor once again.

OOC: I'm going to be doing this until I can get a straight path to the other side or until I'm wounded enough to stop for a second wind.


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GM: The floor doesn't shuffle. It moves. One row disappears and another appears on the other side. I'll be honest (to save time) and tell you that, without being able to manipulate objects like Colgrave can, this is the straightest path you are going to arrive at without another person on the floor.

[sblock=mechanics]Kaelan Athletics - 1d20+7=24[/sblock]


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GM: I'm sorry, but I have no idea what you just did there. Please block out your actions as normal. Let me know what each move action (and standard and minor where applicable) is and which tiles you step on for that action. If that action includes a jump, please post the applicable roll. The way you just did it there I'm very confused by what you just did and I can't tell how many turns it took, which is important.



Kaelan desperatedly tries to get to the other side of the corridor in one piece.

Round 1
Move: D3-E4-F3-G3-H2-I3-J4
Jump from J4 to L2. Athletics check 1d20+7=27.

Round 2
Jump from L2 to N2. Athletics check 1d20+7=8. Fail, fall in M2.
Move: N2-O2-P3-Q3

Round 3
Jump from Q3 to S4. Athletics check 1d20+7=24.
Jump from S4 to T3. Athletics check 1d20+7=16. Fail, fall in S3.

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