Adventure: Three Queens in Allaria (DM: BenBrown, Judge: Covaithe)

OOC: Agreed, if typing's causing you problems, don't keep pushing it for our sakes. Appreciate the adventures and time you've spent :)


OOC: Yeah, look after yourself mate! So, back to the tavern is it? Or could a judge at least finish this combat?


OOC: Judge here. I'm around, and have been vaguely paying halfhearted attention. If needed, I can (try to) finish the combat, though TBH I'm hoping I won't have to. ;) I'll watch closer for a bit.


OOC: [MENTION=46559]covaithe[/MENTION] Thoughts? Is it going to be possible to continue til the end of the fight or shall we just tidy up here and move over to the tavern?
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I'm going to assume this is done and take Sound of Stone back to the Tavern soon. Someone want to make a guess at the XP/GP we should have?



Bump. [MENTION=46559]covaithe[/MENTION] Sorry if I'm being impatient. It would be fantastic to know how this game will be resolved. Voda Vodsa is about to start a new adventure which TCO may be able to join. So many of my PCs are stalled at the moment ... I'm keen to get them involved in something again :(


OOC: Sorry for the silence; I've been distracted. Stupid day job. Anyway, yes, let's call this done. I really don't have the time or interest to run out this combat.

So, you can take your characters to the tavern now. I'll try to hack together a final xp/treasure award; suggestions would be welcome. If someone wants to write up an in-character conclusion, I'll tack on something extra for that.


OOC: @covaithe I told Ben that you wanted to close this out. He said he'd send you the relevant information, like how much XP the fight is worth and so on.


OOC: XP for monsters in this fight:
Big Ape (level 5 brute) 200
Apes (4x level 4 skirmisher) 700
Bats (2x level 3 elite lurker) 600

total = 1500 (x2 = 3000)

Time XP and Gold was last awarded May 31.

I had no specific treasure rewards planned for this fight.

I again apologize for cutting out like this.


OOC: Thanks, Ben, that makes it easy.

[sblock=XP and treasure award]
3000 for the encounter, or 500 each.
Treasure: 600 gp each.

Time xp:
  • Sound of Stone, Jarro, Zardi: 2 months and 20/31 days at level 4: 773 xp and 926 gp
  • Pharodeys and Tyris: same time at level 3: 662 xp and 672 gp
  • The Cursed One: four days longer (since 5/27) at level 3: 694 xp and 705 gp

  • Sound of Stone, Jarro, Zardi: 1273 xp and 1526 gp
  • Pharodeys and Tyris: 1162 xp and 1272 gp
  • The Cursed One: 1194 xp and 1305 gp